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What I do

I recently asked a group of professionals to anonymously answer this question..

What is it that I do best?

Here’s a snapshot of what they said..

• “Deliver ideas and concepts clearly.”
• “Big Picture thinker who sees the “whole board”. Ability to cast clear vision.”
• “People motivator.”
• “Emphasizes clarity in practical ways.”
• “Excites people toward a cause.”
• “Message crafter.”
• “Strategic leader.”
• “Zero’s in on the core goals and then provides practical ideas as to how to move toward them.”

Over the span of my career, I have been fortunate to have worked both under and alongside some amazingly gifted people.

With this has come incredible opportunities for me to grow my knowledge base in all things operations to marketing. From moving up the ranks of a corporation starting on the front lines of a retail store to running 3 of that owner’s companies 10 years later to traveling the world teaching my class on the mindset of social media, I have been fortunate.

My experience lends itself to seek out opportunities to both help an organization develop sound operational infrastructure as well as also to architect a message that will awaken the target audience to a need that perhaps they didn’t know they wanted, but now have to have with regards to what that organization is offering.

To me, I see the operations of an organization as the infrastructure and the message the application. What I have learned over my career is that an application is not sustainable when built upon faulty infrastructure. I have also learned that a message that lacks clarity, is a message that gets lost in translation.

My experience uniquely positions me to work on both aspects of an organization. From operational development with regards to profit and loss management, building an all star team, to architecting a message for viral success, my aim is to put this to work for you and your needs.

Sample of who I have offered my services with/for? 

Warfare Solutions LLC
Global Strategic Communications Group
Zarzand Inc
John Fischer’s The Catch
Oregon International Airshow
Shared Hope International
Rick Johnson (Bestselling author)
Lighthouse Ready
Bridgestone Multimedia Group
The Mentoring Project
HAND Indonesia
Joel C. Rosenberg (NYT Bestselling author)
Heart for Lebanon
China Life Alliance
Shop the 48
Polytechnic University – Hong Kong
Freedom Congress (Sen. Jim DeMint, Lt Col Oliver North, Ret Lt Gen Jerry Boykin)
The Lost Medallion – Feature Film
Salem Broadcasting – Portland
Charisma Media
Oregon Food Bank
Murdock Trust Foundation
Bridgetown Inc.
Music for Libya Music Project – Various Artists (Producer)

Career Highlights:

Keynote Speaker at Global Changing Challenges event in Surabaya, Indonesia 2012
Speaker and Presenter at Starfish International Expo in Colorado 2012
Speaker at CBA Next in Atlanta 2012
Workshop presenter at Mission ConneXion 2012/2013
Speaker at Oregon Food Bank vendor partner event 2012
Authored Strategistics: How to Architect your Message for Viral Success

Mindset of Social Media Tour (my class) taught/consulted in Indonesia, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Kenya, Dubai, Lebanon, Colorado Springs 2011

Webinar on Social Media host for CBA industry 2010
Workshop presenter on Social Media for CBA International Trade Show 2010
Social Media and Retail Speaker for CBA 2009 Trade Show
Workshop Speaker for EMICMG Music on Social Media CBA 09
Webinar Co-Host for EMICMG on Social Media and Retail Sept. 09

GMA Advisory Committee 2003
EMI Retailer Advisory Committee 2004
Word Records Retailer Advisory Committee 2002

Bridgetown Inc, MIPO(Portland)

Specialties: Social Media, Business Consulting, Non Profit Consulting, Marketing, Speaking, Team Builder, Retail Executive, Brand Development, Brand Messaging

I invite you to connect with me on LinkedIn here.


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