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Gunnar Simonsen

Married to an amazing wife and father to a beautiful daughter


Gunnar’s family has a deep heart to make a difference in this world for others. From the streets of Portland, Oregon on any given Thursday night to refugee camps deep in the heart of Rwanda, the Simonsen family is on a mission to love people, because people matter.

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Gunnar Simonsen’s career path has taken him from the corporate world in running various multi-outlet businesses within the retail sector to countries around the globe in offering his mindset of social media workshops. He is a published author with his book Strategistics: How to Architect Your Message for Viral Success hitting Kindle bestselling lists its first week out. He has worked with New York Times bestselling authors, feature films, and global humanitarian groups in offering his unique approach to the world of social media.

Along the way, Gunnar has developed a reputation for his out of the box creativity, leadership ability, and for being a visionary.

Gunnar has spoken at trade industry conferences, led workshops, webinars, and maintained a regular column within a global bookstore trade industry publication. He has also partnered with various record labels and publishing companies on numerous product campaigns.

With these many appearances, Gunnar has quickly become known for his use of social media to help mobilize, educate, and inspire everything from artists, authors, movies, businesses, and non- profits.

Gunnar is ecstatic about working with people and not only coaching them on the use of social media, but to help each person better understand how they or their business is wired in order to best maximize their potential.

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