If you know me, I don’t do this type of post much, unless it’s about people and products that I believe in. That said, I am a lifelong citizen of Portland, Oregon. For me, supporting local businesses is absolutely essential whenever it is applicable.

When I purchased my home, there was a lot of work to be done. To be frank, there is still a lot of work to be done. Two areas that are next on my list are flooring and drywall.

In doing research on Portland area businesses that could best help me with my needs, I had a few important characteristics that I was looking for. I mean, home is life, so I need to make it special. I also am spending money, therefore, I want it done right.

4 Characteristics I Was Looking For

Durability – Of course, when needing flooring and drywall done, it has to last. Longevity is critical. I need a business that offered products that were going to be around for awhile and can stay the test of time.

Quality – Without question, the work had to be quality. This is my home. Aesthetics matters. I need a business that doesn’t just throw this word out there with a million claims. But a business that the reputation of their work has gone up ahead of them on the road stating their case for them.

Cost Effective – This goes without saying. We all have a budget. But that doesn’t mean always buying the cheapest material or the lowest level of service. I need a business with a selection and options that can give me the best quality work and materials available for what my budget needs are.

People, People – Doesn’t it always come down to people? I need a business that is staffed with people who listen, are honest, are knowledgable, and experienced. These are people who put the needs of the customer at the forefront and then aim to hit their mark.

What Businesses Did I Find That Will Do It Right?

In my research of Portland area business that I believe were going to get the job of my flooring and drywall needs done right, I found two business that I rose to the top.

Simple Floors Portland – From the moment you walk into their showroom floor, you are greeted with an amazing team of both experience and knowledgeable staff. For my flooring needs this time around, it is centered on carpeting. Their selection was topnotch. I was also amazed at the level of carpeting you can get. The waterproof carpeting is amazing. Check out the Lifeguard Carpet from Shaw. WOW!

Patch-Pro Drywall and Finishes – I had no idea. I love what their website says, “It’s like dent doctor for drywall damage.” What they offer is such a perfect match for my needs. My house was already an older house, so when it comes to repair needs in drywall, where do you want to start?

In the end, home is life, so why not make it special? With these two Portland area businesses, they will do you right.