Next week, she graduates.

Time flies. It always has.

Some say that parenting is much like archery in that at some point, one must let go (or release) praying you’ve aimed well.

Of course, one never ceases to be a parent nor ever stops.. praying, that is.

I’m beyond proud of her.

She is a world changer with a big heart. She is beautiful, smart, compassionate, and has an amazing sense of humor.

No one could ever get me to laugh like my father did. That is, until she came along.

Can’t wait to see what’s next. It’s going to be awesome.

What an honor we’ve been given to cheerlead her through life.

Many have asked.. what kind of world will we leave our children? I ask in response.. what kind of children will we leave our world?

Thank you Kira for making my world… so much more than I could ever dream or hope for.

Go get ’em!

Love you. Dad