On September 28th, I am leading a team of 6 in the Bridgetown Inc., bowl-a-thon. In this, we are raising funds to help support the amazing work of Bridgetown Inc. (See what I did there in my team name?)

If you follow me on Facebook or Twitter, you will have probably seen my weekly posts about Nightstrike or BTown Kids. These are definitely highlights of my every week.

A couple of years ago, I was asked to serve on the board for Bridgetown. It has been a complete honor.

What I love about Bridgetown is the motto… Loving People Because People Matter. And let me tell you what… this is what I see every week in the stories of those all around me. From those coming down to serve to those being served.

Last year alone, we saw 14,000 people served. In this, we have seen countless stories that reflect what can happen when we seek to love people… just because.

From Nightstrike under the Burnside Bridge each week, to BTown Kids, to Transformation Trips, Bridgetown Inc., is making a difference.

And now, people from other cities are following suit and seeking to do the same in their cities.

If you know me, I have been involved with a lot of causes over the years. What I can say about Bridgetown is that this is a cause you can support. Bridgetown gets it done.

With strong and sound leadership along with an amazing team, loving people because people matter is a reality… each and every day in and through those touched by this organization.

With this, will you please consider supporting my team with a gift? Every dollar counts and WILL make a difference.

As a team, we have set a goal of $1200. Will you help us meet it? You can, by making a contribution here >

For more information on Bridgetown Inc., please visit the website at

Thank you for your consideration!