A pink and purple kite swirls in the late afternoon sky as the sun shines brightly through the white and grey clouds. Bundled up from the cold wind, I’m sitting pool side watching my daughter wade through 3 feet of water in the “kiddie” pool. Occasionally glancing up, her eyes are never far from me as she turns and looks at me with a smile. Splashing herself wet she sits alone in the shallow end. All around the sounds of children playing, water splashing, and parents talking, but she… she sits alone as if she is a part in a one-person play on stage. As she looks over at me…dipping side of her head in the pool, she smiles. And it is this smile that tells me that I am the audience and she is the performer. “Watch me!” she says as she performs a most significant “leg stretch” as graceful as the now distant kite dancing above the ocean waves. This audience can only applaud this feat with a look and a smile as it [smile] dances across the now glimmering pool from the sunlight far above. To be on the other side of that look is nothing short of amazing. And now…now it is my turn. I hope I do it well, I hope I do it often… I guess I’m not too bad…as I look over at her, she’s looking back with a smile as wide as the moon and as bright as this late afternoon sun. ______ It has been several years since I first wrote this. I hope I have and continue to… do it well.


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  1. Jennifer says:

    “To be on the other side of that look is nothing short of amazing.” You said it! What a privilege to be a parent. Thank you for sharing your beautiful post.

  2. gunsim says:

    Thank you for taking a moment to drop by my blog. It sure is a privilege and an honor to be a parent. My only hope in this is to someday here these words about how I parented… well done.

    Today, I will have another opportunity to be on the other side of the look as I am picking my daughter up after school for a date. She is 12 and I absolutely adore her.


  3. Shelly says:

    Beautiful story! 🙂

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