(This is not about me. Just an observation.)

When you have special talent in your mist, don’t exploit, build. Don’t make excuses, build. Recognize it and then improvise it. Don’t say you don’t have it, because you do have it. Stop saying you like to think outside of the box when you are the box. Stop saying someday when that only reflects a million yesterdays.

As someone who had the honor and the privilege of running companies back in the day, it breaks my heart when you have someone so talented and then you don’t do anything about it.

Heck, every position I had when I went from $6.50 and hour to running the company ten years later never existed before I had it. I was fortunate to have someone see something in me, throw the box out, and invest in me.

But what happened when I got there? I knew that to be successful, I had to build a team of people around me that were way more talented than me.

Guess what? We were successful. It worked. We took a troubled company in a dying industry from over a 7 digit loss to a 6 digit profit in a two year time period.

You know what? There sure are a lot of talented people out there looking to be valued. All the while there are a whole lot of mediocre people out there getting over valued. Perhaps we’ve lost sight of true value in order to play it safe. Or, perhaps we just like the taste of kool-aid.

Whatever happened to valuing experience, maturity, passion, loyalty, and depth? I will also add to this a thought my good friend Marc had to say in the comments (from the original posting on Facebook of this) where he says this about a Michael Jordan quote…

“”Everybody has talent. But ability takes hard work.” The older I get, the more I believe that to be true. I know a lot of talented failures. The successful people I know were the hard workers.”

No wonder why a lot of organizations both non profit and for profit will fail. They don’t know how to build a team beyond the textbook or their ego. They forgot what it meant or even felt like to take a chance on someone with such obvious talent.

I’m all for paint by numbers, but not always when a heartbeat is involved. Successful businesses and organizations are not merely built on algorithms.

If every organization had strong mature leadership, they would recognize talent when they saw it and then you know what they would do? They would do something about it.

That’s my two cents. Want more? Refer to the comments from the Facebook posting of this.

G out.