breathingWhen my daughter was a little girl around the age of 6, she had $30 to spend. She spent it on helping children who were rescued from sex trafficking. It was then that my eyes were opened to this global tragedy and scourge on humanity.

When asked why she chose to spend her money that way, she responded with.. “As an only child, these are the brothers and sisters I never had. I need to take care of them.”

I learned right then the too-often difference between adults and children were that children still believe they can change the world.

And with this began the journey of asking of myself… what happened?

It has now been a decade. And perhaps with this, I can now stop asking of myself what happened? When did I stop believing I can change the world?

Setting my sights on this day, my world awaits. We all have a role. Too often we say we will finally do something when we are ready. But with this, I ponder… what does ready look like when the only guarantee I have was my last breath?

As an adult, we spend way too many breaths not doing a thing. We make things so difficult, we over analyze, we are so busy doing everything else that we fail to see the need of everybody else all the while being so worried about the thoughts of just about anyone else. (who’ll listen, read a post, or see a tweet)

And still, we do nothing. Or, we just talk.

Until a 6 year old girl would walk into the room with $30.

Time to stop talking and start doing. Can’t let her down. She has high hopes, dreams, and above all.. expectations.

Thanks K for the lesson. Thanks T for being an example. You both are doers that inspire me beyond words. This fueled by the love of I AM, what does ready look like?

That breath I am about to take, that’s what.