review_misfits_8Pondering: Remember how we(probably still do) felt about the other reindeer when we sang… “All of the other reindeer use to laugh and call him names.” ???

They’re mean we declared.

What would others sing about us? Too often, probably the same. …sadly until at least the one we made fun of does what none of us could ever do…. rises up and blazes a trail to save the day.

Gulp. If we only knew the real stories and real potential behind those within our crosshairs of criticism.

If cause is the root of that which we take our aim, why do we argue with the effect?

God help me to be pro-people. May I meet people where they’re at and not where I’m at.

Thankfully for those reindeer it ended well. Will it end as well for us? Well, that’s up to our hearts. For that which dwells from within will drive that which we cast about.

And for this I ponder.

Finish well, my friends… finish well.