“Imagination is more important than knowledge.” – Albert Einstein

This quote screams truth beyond comprehension. Thank you, Mister Albert Einstein, for putting this into perspective.

Without imagination, where would humanity be? It would be at a loss. Microwaves, chairs, cartoon characters, and famous food recipes would not exist. See, imagination begins with a thought. A thought that may seem crazy at first, but it turns into an amazing creation. Look around, wherever someone is, everywhere they look and everything they see was created using imagination.

It was either imagination created in someone’s mind that developed over time, like a flower that takes time to grow in a field. Or it’s a breath-taking, indescribable, lovely creation by God. Without these creations society wouldn’t be where it is today. The whole world would be slow in development. If people were to have lack of imagination, there would be no interest to learn more or to see if there’s something more to a subject or object.

If there was no interest in finding out more about different subjects or objects, there would be no new discoveries. Nobody would wonder, “Hey, I wonder what’s past the Milky Way?” or think of how to find out that information. No thoughts of rockets flying into space, elephants walking tight ropes, or creating hybrid plants would occur. Think of all the lost opportunities society would have if people didn’t open their minds and use their full potential.

God gave everyone the gift of imagination and it needs to be used. Not taken for granted, but used for the good. An imagination can keep people optimistic and positive. For example, when people are sad or in distress some think up positive or absurd things to clear their mind. Such as; flying cats, being on a tropical island getaway, going to Wonderland as if they were Alice, and much more.

Imagination is the key that unlocks knowledge. Kind of like after Alice fell down the rabbit hole and she had to go through the process of shrinking and growing to receive the key that leads to Wonderland. The shrinking and growing process represents the humans thought process and the key is the imagination. Lastly, Wonderland represents all the new knowledge that is waiting to be discovered through imagination.

Author: Kira Simonsen


Hello everyone! This is an essay I wrote for my English class on the topic of, “Imagination is more important than knowledge.” I hope you enjoy!