540300_4518245277238_2093133734_nDear Family and Friends-

I am really excited at the possible opportunity to go and serve in Rwanda again in November. My mom is leading a team from our church and I am raising funds to go. As most of you know, I was able to go last year where we served in schools, ran a Bible camp, and other serve projects. A few highlights of mine were being baptized, meeting the kids our family sponsors, and of course, getting a chance to be in Africa, which was a dream of mine since I was five years old. My heart was broken to see how poor the families were, but it was also filled up with a light to see that they were also filled with so much joy. I loved their energy and their affection, and I smile just thinking about the opportunity to hug hundreds of kids.

Exactly what we will do when we are in Rwanda will continue to unfold as we prepare for our trip. The key word is flexibility.  Well, because it’s Africa, and you never know what may come up. Right now I do know that we will be helping prepare for a medical clinic that will happen when our team leaves. We will be spending two days meeting and preparing charts for over 500 kids to be seen by doctors and nurses who will be devoting time out of their busy schedules to come to Rwanda and give them check-ups and help with any medical needs they can while they are there.  We will be doing Hope Visits to families who are the poorest in the country-bringing them food, spending time with them, and sharing Jesus’ heart. There will be many other things, but that is what is on the African schedule for now.

I just did a week long mission trip in my own city of Portland, where we served in many different ministries throughout the city. Nearly every day we packed a lunch for ourselves and a lunch for a homeless person, and offered it to someone and had lunch with them to hear their story.  Everyone has a story. I am basically a shy person by nature, so this was a stretch for me, but I know each time I take a risk, God will grow my heart.

When I graduate in a few years, my dream is to become a humanitarian photographer, and to work for an organization, or with many, to capture stories throughout the world on what is going on in the world and to hopefully inspire people to want to make a difference.  Each opportunity I can take to help grow my heart, move past my shyness, to see these situations and places through God’s eyes will bring me closer to my dream.

Please consider supporting my trip. You can donate by going to www.africanewlife.org :

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If  you are reading this, and you cannot give, please pray for my funding to go, our team, and our time in Rwanda! Thank you for praying and traveling with me in your heart.

Love, Kira

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Next Goal:

  • Airfare by 9/6/13 – $1500
  • Total Trip Cost – $3,300

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