@searsOnce again, social media works. That is if one is listening.

I want to give a shout out to @Sears for listening to my call for help last week when all else seemed to fail.  Again, it seems by now one would have learned that going to social media to ask for help or sometimes even air your grievances should be the first stop before making that phone call.

Now, I don’t ever like doing this, but sometimes, it calls for it. And for those companies that are listening to social media, hats off to you for not only listening, but seeking to address and respond the various inquiries that come your way.

Let’s be honest, a lot of times before one even goes to social media to air their frustrations, they have already had both a cause and effect in person as well as on the phone. This means, by the time the frustration hits the social media feeds, it is pretty well teed up for maximum lashing.

A smart company will not only use social media to talk, but even more so to listen and respond. And based on their response, can effectively turn the tide back their direction not only for the one who made the cry for help, but for everyone else who might be listening, too. (or watching)

I spoke with someone the other day who was about to sign a major deal with a company for distribution. They ended up not signing the deal. Do you want to know why? Well, because they looked at the company’s Twitter feed and saw tweet after tweet after tweet of complaints from customers and not once did they see any activity from the company itself.

They either had no idea, weren’t listening, or they simply went numb and decided to ignore it. To them, this changed the optics, this was a red flag and partly because of this, deal lost.

For this interaction with Sears. I must say, I was extremely impressed by the response time of their social media team as well as their effectiveness in solving the problem. What they got done in a relatively short time via Twitter was simply amazing. I wish it hadn’t got to that. I wish it could have been resolved before going there. But… hats off!!

In reverse order…

sears twitter

By Saturday. We were back on the schedule and taken care. No longer did we have to wait a week to find resolve. WOW!

Great job to Gabe and the social media team for Sears in Texas!!