Helping your business, so we can help theirs is something i’ve always wanted to do. With Strategistics, perhaps now is finally my chance.

You see, my hope for this book is that perhaps you can find something in it that will awaken something in you that has the power to help drive your message beyond the rooftops. Simply put, I want it to help you maximize your effectiveness in architecting your message for viral success.

But, what if in doing this, we can help someone else by simply taking $1 (In a place where the dollar can be stretched so much farther to make so much more impact) from the sales of this book and pay it forward?

I love Rwanda. Yet, when I first made the connection with Rwanda, my heart was crushed. What happened in Rwanda during the genocide of 1994 is simply horrifying and inconceivable. The estimates were that a million people were killed in 90 days. Neighbor killing neighbor.

How does any country come back from such tragedy?

As we close in on 20 years since the genocide, the ripple effect still remains. But, due to the work of organizations like Africa New Life, healing is happening in this nation.

Over the past several years, both my wife and daughter have been to Rwanda where they visited our three sponsored children through Africa New Life. My wife currently volunteers in their US based office three days a week.

My family has seen the people of Rwanda and the need first hand. We have also seen the incredible effectiveness and stewardship of Africa New Life on full display as well.

My family also knows that work for the widow and the orphan is not something we simply should do, but rather something we must do, are called to do, and frankly, can’t wait to do.

As a family, we seek to do this both here and abroad. In the months ahead, we are hoping to partner this book with domestic organizations as well.

As we launch this new book, it is an honor and a privilege for me to introduce to you an amazing organization that is doing amazing things for the people of Rwanda.

Thank you so much for taking a moment to read why I want to help your business, so we can help theirs. Please watch the video below, read about the New Life Family Center and see just how far your $1 can go.



New Life Family Center was founded by Florence Mugisha, wife of Africa New Life founder Charles Mugisha Buregeya. The Center is located in Kigali on Africa New Life’s Dream Center campus. In addition to providing vocational training, New Life Family Center operates a store offering items handmade by women in the vocational training program.


The 70 women trained each year through New Life Family Center are in need of regular support. The total budget for this ministry is $83,350. Just $1600 supports a woman all the way through the program.

For only $25 you can provide training, counseling, discipleship, and food for a woman for a week.

So if one dollar from the sale of each ebook download of Strategistics goes to the New Life Family Center, can you imagine what we can do?

Just think about it… if something you read in Strategistics can help your business, brand, cause, or organization be better and a portion of sales from your purchase can help someone else “be better” all at the same time… it’s a win/win!

What if? 

For more information on the organization behind the New Life Family Center, please visit

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