Unknown-740 Days of Purpose – Training for Excellence

I wrote this in early 2007. At the time, we just came off the most successful year in the history of the company I was writing this for. We had gone in a few short years from a loss of over a million dollars to a profit of over $100k. Yet in this, we needed to seek to build on the momentum we had gathered.

Sadly, we had some setbacks. Our longtime friend and partner in the accounting department for our company had passed away just after receiving the profit & loss statement reflecting our major turnaround. She was a critical piece of our success. The news was heartbreaking as her journey fighting ovarian cancer was now over.

I wrote this outline of strategy to our core leadership team to begin to develop our enhanced training commitment. – G!

40 Days of Purpose – Training for Excellence

  1. Our Story
  2. Our Policies
  3. Our Point of Sale
  4. Our Product
  5. Our Service

Objective: That every employee is given the tools to succeed within the first 40 days of employment… without exceptions.

Training must be clear and consistent with regards to quality of the presentation. To ensure retention of all information, we must develop benchmarks to measure this within those first 40 days. What do these tools look like? How will we measure results? How will we offer in all regions a consistent quality of training?

  1. Our Story – Who we are. A. History B. Owner/Leadership C. Mission
  2. Our Policies – Handbook, Paperwork, Job Expectation
  3. Our Point of Sale – Using IRT to improve transaction / transaction experience as well as to reduce mistakes (no employee will be allowed on the POS until this is completed.)
  4. Our Product – The Essentials. What all employees should know about the product and merchandising
  5. Our Service – Storytelling, the radio campaign

With the implementation of this program, we will then measure the performance of each store manager through the following three lenses:

  1. Vision – Are they consistently reinforcing the overall vision/mission of the company by their actions? – Without vision, we perish.
  2. Clarity – Do all employees have a clear understanding of their roles and the direction of the company? – Without clarity, there is anxiety.
  3. Leadership – Is each store manager providing leadership within their stores? What does leadership look like? Do the managers motivate the people to want to work here by how they treat them? (Define Leadership) – Without leadership, there is chaos.

* I have since added a fourth: Accountability. Without it, there is no change. Read more about the FOUR here.

Where these three are present and in the positive, morale will be high. This, in turn, will increase productivity and reduce turnover. But, most importantly… will maximize our role within our communities to impact life while being a good steward of this company.

With this, it is also critical to realize that to ensure this program is a success that we develop a hiring template that defines the characteristics we look for. In other words, what makes a great employee? With these traits identified, we need to develop a list of interview questions that can help us extract this from each potential employee.

Once this is developed, we will develop an ad campaign for both newspapers and in store signage that will get the attention of the “right” candidates.

Training the “right” people is like pouring gasoline on a fire. But, this is not enough. It is critical that each manager provides leadership at each location by being a good role model, coaching and encouraging their employees.

In this, we need to re-work the current job expectations and then move to develop a more effective performance evaluation that supports and reinforces these expectations.

Our end result is a climate within each location that is consistent with one another. We will be stores that offer consistently knowledgeable service with a personal touch.

Our stores will be a place where people of all ages and background will Discover, Experience, and be encouraged to Live the mission (we aim to project) upon leaving each store.

Our stores will be operations of excellence and exceptional stewardship.  They will be stores where guests will come, and we will know their name.

Our stores will be a place where each employee, will know their role and our mission.

Our stores will reflect vision, clarity, and leadership.

This is will be our competitive edge. This is how we will survive and soar to new heights.

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