Recently I uncovered documents, memos, and reports I had written in what seems by a now a previous life in another world light years away. Yet in this, as I read through these items, I feel a touch of nostalgia of a place that encompassed nearly 15 years of my life. During that span, I went from making $6.50 an hour in a bookstore to being promoted to running that company and three others simultaneously 10 years later with annual revenue north of 15 million.

Running several companies for a man worth more than a half billion dollars as well as holds the North American record for most earned master degrees, I was in the role of a lifetime for someone who was still on spring break from a decade earlier.

A lot of people these days have no ideas that this was my previous life. Most people see me as this guy who talks about social media, travels, and is involved with a lot of causes.

When they do find out about my previous life they ask about the experience, what I learned, what was my approach to things, how did I think. I wish in all of this I could have an easy answer and say it was easy and that I just executed this well thought plan that I had waiting to be unleashed within my head.

But I didn’t. Truth be told, I had no idea what I was doing but for understanding the power of prayer and that of surrounding yourself with exceptional people.

Over the next several posts and as I celebrate the release of my new book, I want to go back in time to catch a glimpse into my formative of years within the business world and how they helped shape my world today in what I teach and how I teach it.

So, to better understand who I am and how I think when it comes things of business nature, I present to you my professional archives. These are raw and unedited in their original form. I will also try to add some opening notes for the reader to understand what role I had at the time and why and/or where I wrote that particular memo.

For some, this might be bleh. But, for others in management, maybe just maybe you will find something of value. Or, if you are like me, you will always find something of value. It just depends on the lens you choose to views these through.

Let me know what you think!

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