564044_372532939436806_1564125656_nToday I experienced a frustrating situation with my credit union. Unfortunately when I had the frustrating issue arise, it was already after hours.

So, I took my frustration to the world of social media. But that is where this story took a drastic turn. It was a desperate plea for help at 8:30pm. I had no expectations of even being heard. I mean, it was after hours and I live on the west coast.

And yet, someone was listening…

first two

Yes, I was pretty upset. I really try hard not to escalate like this via social media. But look closely at how they responded. So disarming. But what impresses me the most is that at 8:30pm I get a response within 5 minutes.

So, I sent an email to explain my situation. Again, it was a matter of minutes later that I received a reply from the VP of Marketing. Are you serious?

Their email to me was so respectful and very honest. As a customer, I felt heard and even felt a little guilty for throwing down that gauntlet on Twitter the way I did. They were very clear with me in that they would do what they could to bring resolve tonight, but there was a chance it was not going to be resolved till morning.

To be honest, at this point, I was so impressed with how they used social media to listen after hours as well as the tone of their communication that getting it resolved no longer mattered.

Here’s a glimpse of our Twitter dialogue tonight:

firsttechcred tweets

Of course with my emails to her, I was again complimenting her on how impressed I was with their use of social media. Her response was,

“We definitely learn as we go, but we LOVE the dynamic and immediate way social media helps us talk with our members.  Positive or negative, I love the feedback because it always gives us great insight into how we’re doing and what we can do better.”

Tonight, I witnessed something special. And to be honest, I am really kind of bummed my book is out now because I would have interviewed her on behalf of them in a heartbeat to include alongside some of the other businesses in there like State Farm, Fox 12, Four Seasons Beirut, and Bundlepost.

If you were a business using social media, what can you take away from this? Post a comment below and let me know. I would love to hear from you.

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