mdaBy Kira Simonsen

Why must we all grow up? Can’t we just be like Peter Pan and stay young forever. Become one of the Lost Boys and roam the island that is Neverland.

“If growing up means it would be beneath my dignity to climb a tree, I won’t grow up, never grow up, not me.” ~ Peter Pan and the Lost Boys.

Can we take the tape and rewind? Go back to going to Grandma’s house and finger paint a masterpiece. Or when you would eat berries and dot the additional juice that was on your finger tips onto a napkin; covering it with the pinks, purples, and blues that fascinated you. The curiosity of what grass tasted like. You expected it to be like the kind from ‘Charlie and the Chocolate Factory,’ but when you ate it you were disappointed to find out that it was indeed not candy.

I remember when I was about 4 I thought what people meant by “the ocean will sweep you away,” is that King Triton wanted a bigger population in Atlantis. So therefore I thought if you were “swept away” you would turn into a mermaid. I had thought about “turning into a mermaid” then I didn’t because I would miss my mom.

Don’t you miss how everything was a discovery? Such as, looking at a mirror and seeing your reflection. Confusion entering your mind because of the thought, “Is this me or another person?” And you wave and smile to see if your newly found friend would respond.

The feeling of your little fingers brushing the strings of a guitar. In awe of how such a magnificent sound came from just plucking one single string. And the urge to put your fist in the sound hole in the center of the guitar. When you heard someone playing it you couldn’t help, but start to dance. Twirling, jumping, and spinning around till you feel dizzy.

Thoughts of what you wanted to be when you grew up excited you. Whether it was being a Firefighter, Police Man, Rockstar, Vet, Artist, etc. Remember how you would re-enact what you would do on the job. I had wanted to be an Opera Singer, so I wrote songs and performed them for my parents. I remember being so proud of what I accomplished. Thinking about how I was going to be the best Opera Singer there ever was.

Now that I have looked back at these memories, somethings haven’t changed. I still have the urge to put my hand in the sound hole of a guitar. Also I put excess juice from berries that are on my fingers and I put them on napkins; so that my napkin is polka doted. Though whatever age you are, everyone of us will always be kids at heart.

Well, that is if we allow ourselves to be.