Taste TwitterI am a Food Network junkie. I am now a The Taste on ABC one, too.

Now, I am not going to write a full on review of why I am hooked on this show so early in its infancy.

However, what I will do is share a few thoughts as to why I have been impressed with them utilizing Twitter not only from the perspective of the shows handle, but also with the hashtag #TheTaste and the perspective of the many participants on the show.

I have a list of all of them on Twitter I created so I can keep up with them here.

While some shows boast an impressive singular line of engagement to and from the main handle or hashtag. I love the interaction from the competing chefs.

With this, not only is the main @TheTasteABC handle talking to fans with their message and interacting with participants, they are also doing so by listening to what fans are saying too.

For starters, check out the #askthetaste campaign on YouTube where you the fan can submit a question for the show’s celebrities to answer in studio. Is there any doubt that social media is a must have critical component to launching a new show? Here is a clip from #askthetaste.

But even more organically, during the episode aired Feb. 5th, my daughter and I were commenting on Chef Diane and her abrasive strategy within her own team. When the judges blind taste tested her food, they thought it was good.

“Why did it have to be good?” my daughter exclaimed.

rt chef diane

What a great tweet to throw into the mix, I thought.

Who knew that Chef Diane herself would end up reading it and retweeting it? Awkward!!

But that is the nature of TV in this day and age. It is sure a far cry from growing up thinking the people on the screen were untouchable, unaccessible, and in a whole different universe.

Time will tell if this show will catch on for future seasons. (I hope it does.)

However, what they are getting right plays into what Eric Hoffer writes in his classic book The True Believer, in which he discusses the psychology of mass movements. In this book written in the 50’s he writes that the passions of the masses are a sense of belonging and equality. I would then add to this access.

Out of the gate tapping into these passions is critical with seeking to find a connection with your audience that will create hopefully longterm traction. Of course, one also needs intriguing content that meets a need. But for the sake of this post, we will focus on the interaction and access components.

What I also have observed about this show within this lens I am discussing is that by the sheer numbers of those participating and utilizing Twitter, they essentially are launching with their own Tribe in place.

Never mind the already immense popularity of the show’s judges and team coaches. All that is simply gasoline on the fire.

Talk about the passions for the masses being touched from the get go.

Of course this type of community throws the doors of opportunity wide open to how businesses both big and small can leverage the show to either drive their own business or perception of cultural relevance.

whole foods taste

This is so brilliant. It reminds me of watching the Superbowl in 2012 where the Amazon mp3 Twitter account would tweet out a link with #superbowl hashtags to songs that were just featured in a commercial during the broadcast of the game.

Talk about brilliant, relevant, and meeting an immediate need. (or at least if it was a cool song.)

But, what about other businesses?


And why not? We are a nation of foodies, are we not?

But of course this is not the first show that has tapped social media in such a way, but for some reason to me, it stands out. Maybe because it is the fact that the participants own involvement gives it more of a tribal feel beyond just interacting with a brand or a celebrity?

It really reminds as well with how effective Nascar has been in embracing Twitter. I mean, beyond the TV hosts, that is a lot of race car drivers interacting with each other and their fans.

For writing a book in the 50’s, Hoffer sure nailed it.

Belonging and equality. (and accessibility. my addition)

Create it, nurture it, feed it, grow it.

I guess this is why social media starts with social. With out the social, it is simply media. And the difference there is the difference between that of a billboard and that of a conversation.

Thanks for the conversation #TheTaste! I have enjoyed it! I look forward to connecting again real soon!

Great job to @TheTasteABC!! I wish you much success!!

See you on Twitter!

P.S. I still would have tweeted that quote from my daughter about Chef Diane because after all, all is well. 🙂