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Sadly, here I am again adding to the count of posts in this series posing the question… are you listening to social media?

For a night like this in which I am writing this post, social media is all about brain candy. From the excitement of watching playoff football games with a viral community to offering opinions on the outfits, acceptance speeches, and results of the Golden Globes, we find our comfort in reading the feed, but not in between the feed.

To effectively read in between the feed, one must effectively listen to the feed.

If this was in your feed, how would you respond?

freddy e 1

And with this, the final 7 statements from another life gone way too soon.

Did you see it? Did you hear it?

Sadly, 69,000 others didn’t either.

Friends, it’s time to listen to social media. In this, we just might find something to respond to that could save a life.

The three most important words one can use in the form of a question when listening to social media are:

Are you okay?

Together, we can make a difference if we would lead with listening and follow with responding. But to do this, it will require one thing… that we all stop talking long enough to hear the cry of another.

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