2013545879You know those days when you just feel miserable, but yet… the show must go on? That was me recently as I truly believe I set a one day record for sneezing. It was just awful. And to make things more interesting, it was a Friday before Christmas and my teenage daughter asked me to take her shopping.

Ok, let me get this straight, I am sneezing left and right, my nose is like a drain, and now I am to partake in one of the holiday’s most challenging components… finding a parking spot at the mall after getting to the mall fighting traffic?

The first words I spoke when we walked into the busy Macy’s was asking my daughter this…

“You do know I love you, right?”

What am I going to say to my daughter?

So, I trudged on miserable yet as strategic as possible. As a guy, my shopping tactic is simple… get in and get out.

But, we were not done. Target was next.

While sitting in a standstill waiting to get into the Target parking lot, something unexpected happened. Still feeling absolutely miserable, I had my window down on this cool day with light drizzle to try to get some fresh air into me, but yet… I kept sneezing. I felt so lousy.

“Bless you!”

In the midst of humanity sitting in our cars coming and going, those two words came from a young man in his car leaving Target. I quickly looked over and saw him rolling his window back up, but looking squarely at me. That was for me. I smiled and said thank you back as I drove into the parking lot.

I don’t know who he was. But yet, in this midst of fighting traffic, the sounds of cars coming and going, and the images of people in their cars carrying on their own lives, he saw me.

As I sit and think about this, it reminds me a lot about my social media feed. So much noise, yet in the midst like a needle in a haystack, there lies some one needing to be seen for something that may not be seen.

Will you notice? Will you say something?

A small random act of kindness holds in itself the power to change things.

For me in my miserable state, it made me smile. It momentarily changed my posture and aloud me to move forward into the fray with a different demeanor. It altered my approach to that which I was about to partake.

With this, are you using social media with a posture to act to listen or rather listen to act?

We have become experts of scanning through feeds to feed our brain with candy about the lives of others. We are exceptional lurkers and outstanding opiners.

But how often do we scan those feeds with an open heart to impact the lives of others and in some cases help shape the lives of others by altering that which they were about to partake in all because we simply saw them and said something?

Lurking and sharing your opinion is great, but… how good are we at listening? You know, recently, I have been seeing a therapist to work out some things in my life. It has been an incredible experience. But what it always reminds me is that a good listener, always knows the right questions to ask. So, for each of us as we return to the feeds of social media…

Keep listening, keep your words simple, make a difference because you’ll know the right thing to say or ask. I believe in you. When the time is right, you will.

And, for the guy who noticed me and took action with two simple words… thank you. You listened, your words were simple, and guess what? You made a difference. They truly did bless me.

For you, the reader… who will you bless this day?