I want to intentionally play more in my life. Sure, for some to not to play is to not to grow up. But for me, playing is simply taking a time out to take a breath, have a laugh, and make a memory.

Today, my daughter and I did just that. It was intentional, yet had the spirit of spontaneity. When those two components come together, the result is pure fun and living free.

For me, these are times of not of anything more than simply being in the moment. With no hooks from my past or worries for my future to steal my moment, I am learning the importance of life in simply being in the moment.

(This is not a choice to avoid, but rather place on hold for a moment to take a breath.)

I’m learning to smile again. I’m learning to laugh again. I’m learning to play again.

Isn’t that at what’s at the heart of playing?

It’s funny, when I do this, I make memories for the right reasons. When I don’t because i’m constantly distracted, I make memories for all the wrong reasons. It also leads me to a place of renewed perspective for all the things of this world that carry my name. Kind of like… okay, I can face this now. (The good, the bad, and the ugly.)

I want to learn how to play again. Sure the world hasn’t  changed around me, but my posture with how I am dealing with the world has. Or maybe I am just feeling more comfortable in my skin?

Being intentional yet spontaneous intrigues me.

How does one make this what they are?

Remember how it used to be?