I once read about parenting that raising a child was like aiming your bow and that someday you need to let go and hope you aimed well.

I pondered this yesterday as my family hit the pause button on life and visited a nearby park to hike. We hadn’t done this in years.

It was cold and damp as we marched through a parade of trees on trails that were made up of the colors of fall from the leaves. The gentle sounds of a creek nearby and the sounds of ducks in the pond made it easy to shut out the stuff of life and turn on the important things of life.

As we made our way throughout the park, my daughter led the way and often times way ahead of us as we joked about her leaving the old timers behind.

As I followed behind, I watched as she effortlessly navigated through the trails without a fear or question.

In this, I pondered the moment in life when I must release the bow. Will I have aimed well?

What am I aiming at with how I parent and reflect how I live my life in choices?

What are you aiming at? Aim well, my friends… aim well.