The wait is over and the response… well, you’ll see for yourself.

Recently, I have been discussing in my blog posts about listening to social media and not only why we must improve, but why we must change.

In these posts, I made this following statement…

“Are you willing to ask the most important three word question anyone could ask in social networking?

Are you okay?

For all the frozen perceptions we have of social media that allot of it is junk, mindless babble, and something to steer far away from, there will ALWAYS be another one just like this one. And like a needle in a haystack, they will cry for help.

Will anybody hear them?”

But, what if someone is posting about their struggles and that they are in the midst of putting up a fight?

Will we cheer them on? Or, like before, are we not even listening?

If you are listening, what about these six powerful words?

Love hearing that! Standing with you!

On October 30th, the currently huge pop group One Direction will release their new single “Little Things” in the US…

But, thanks to the internet, people around the world set their alarm clocks to wake up early and listen to the new song being played on radio stations on the other side of the world. In my house, you can count my daughter as one of them as she woke up at 1:30am to tune in to the Hot 30 Countdown in Australia.

After telling me of her early morning wake up call, what she told me next stopped me in my tracks. She told me that already, people were posting tweets, updates, and comments about how this song has encouraged them to stop cutting or to fight their eating disorder.

These fans, which call themselves “Directioners” have found their tribe to be honest about their lives and to encourage one another to fight. I wish per my recent posts that Ashley had found hers. I wish someone would have heard her and invited her into theirs.

Listening to social media is so critical when we know what to listen for. Yet sadly, we know what to listen for, but rarely do. We just keep talking.

Are you in the fight to help others? Do you have a heart to encourage others fighting through disorders? Stop busting on social media as a waste of time and start placing your ears on it and give of your time.

Do you want to save a life? Do you want to be a bridge to hope for someone else?

The art of catching people off guard and noticing them with a response filled with love and not that of judgement holds the keys to saving lives. In this, what we need is a movement, not a feel good checklist. A movement that’s quick to listen.

How are you using social networking? Do you lead with a remark or do you lead with a response? Perhaps it is time that we all begin to lead with a response.

Look into your feed, what do you see? What will your next tweet look like?

* These are just a few tweets I found when doing a search on Twitter: [#LittleThings cutting] [#LittleThings eating disorder]