* Warning, this post is meant for mature audiences. At the end of this post you will watch something that contains language and descriptions of mature acts.


I sat in sorrow and horror as I watched a scrolling presentation of her last 144 tweets. As her story unfolded right before the eyes of the world to see, I am struck that no one did.

Or is it that we are too conditioned to look away when someone goes on a ramble or uses obscenities drawn from what we like to think is not appropriate, but what they know is deep pain?

If we could just get outside of our instant gratification for once and read behind the lines found in each 140 character message.

Previously, I posted a blog on this tragic story. Now, I return after seeing for myself this tragic story unfold. Frankly, if I were to write that blog again, I would not say why we must improve. I would say, why we MUST change.

I am without words.

You see, we have been conditioned. We are the headline nation. We don’t need to read behind the lines. We don’t need to stop, have a gut check, and wonder. We don’t need to listen anymore. So, we just keep talking.

Or maybe it’s just not convenient anymore for us to go out of our way to engage someone.

Is this person okay?

As the scrolling presentation continued, it was an onslaught of brutally honest tweets that I find difficult to understand how someone… anyone didn’t notice that something was up.

As the truth continued with brutal honesty describing certain acts and situations upon that which she had no choice, it was enough to make the strongest of individuals wince.

Are you listening? Are you willing to go there? Are you willing to not look away at the use of language and such descriptiveness of things not meant for the eyes of the purest of heart?

Are you willing to love beyond that of the perception?

Are you willing to ask the most important three word question anyone could ask in social networking?

Are you okay?

For all the frozen perceptions we have of social media that allot of it is junk, mindless babble, and something to steer far away from, there will ALWAYS be another one just like this one. And like a needle in a haystack, they will cry for help.

Will anybody hear them?

How are you using social networking? Do you lead with a remark or do you lead with a response? Perhaps it is time that we all begin to lead with a response.

Look into your feed, do you see an Ashley? What will your next tweet look like?

Ashley’s looked like this…