Introduction for Strategistics

“My Uncle Jack told me that a good salesman sells people what they need but a great salesman awakens the need inside them for something they didn’t know they wanted, but now have to have.” – Bono

When I first heard this quote it immediately floored me. I thought… that’s it!

It leads me to ask the question, what is it that I am seeking to awaken in others? Of course, if I am to follow this frame of thinking, my second question is, how am I going to solve that which I am seeking to awaken in people?

It is from this foundation of “awakening the need” in which you can begin developing a messaging strategy built upon infrastructure that will last in this new digital frontier. Once you establish what you are seeking to awaken in others and how you plan to solve it, then you can reverse engineer back to the starting gates and develop a messaging strategy built to anticipate all that may come before you. I truly believe it is critical not to let the cart get before the horse; it’s critical you understand how this social media game is played from a psychological standpoint. If you can do this, you have a better chance at seeing social media become both a profitable and sustainable tool you can add to your marketing repertoire.

I have three key objectives I present in this book:

1)  I will share practical principles that will help you build a sound infrastructure for your message, brand, cause, or product. These principles allow you to both develop and articulate your DNA in a manner that inspires and empowers your audience to become affiliated with your message.

2)  I will walk you through chapter applications that will allow you to build your messaging strategy using the principles we discuss.

3) I will send you off with ideas and tools you can use to apply what you have learned to your business and essentially put legs to your strategy. I don’t want to simply stop at strategy; I want to lead you from strategy to logistics to execution. I once worked for a gentleman who holds the record of the most earned master degrees in North America. He’s brilliant. He said to me that an idea wasn’t worth anything until I did something with it.

Setting up your social media strategy the right way will allow you to be proactively reactive by carefully identifying and addressing potential frozen perceptions— barriers that stunt your growth potential. From this, you can take your plans on a path that will lead from talking strategy to organizing logistics and then the all-important execution and metrics. I have been privileged to work with both start-up companies and established organizations over the last 20 years, and it is always perplexing to me how often I do not see this process in place. This is why I have written this book.

Not only do I want to help you establish the process, but I also want to guide you in applying the right principles to the process.

How do I know how all this works? I’ve had the honor and opportunity to implement this process and watch it work for New York Times bestselling authors, national and international non-profit organizations as well as small business owners and indie music artists. With the right message strategy in place coupled with the understanding of how to effectively drive that message using the principles described in this book, each found traction for their calls to action and got the results they were seeking.

What’s fun for me is that these principles were alive long before social media came about. Yet, with using social media, many of us get caught up in thinking we have to rewrite the playbook.

Not so. With the combined understanding of what distribution channels are available for you to drive your message and the right principles and process to effectively develop your message, you will be left with a sound infrastructure in place to maximize your full potential in this exciting new world.

The beauty of social media is that if you use these tools correctly, you can connect and engage with anyone around the world regarding any topic: business, humanity, consumerism, a cause, etc.  You build your following based on common DNA, connecting with like minds and hearts over an issue that brings everyone together. For example, I found myself on a laptop in Portland, Oregon chatting with people in Kenya, Nigeria, Dubai, and Great Britain around one topic—the closing ceremonies of the Olympics. I was engaging with others in real time around a topic that we were all interested in.

The caution I have for you, however, is to not put the cart before the horse. Before you build your follower base around commonalities, you must take a long hard look at your message and content strategy. Often times, the first thing people do is spend all their social capital trying to get as many followers as possible. However, without a clear and empowering message in place, communicated through strategic content, you will lose your audience much quicker than it took to capture their attention.

Before you jump in the driver’s seat and travel the social media world, you need to establish your message about what need you are solving, who your audience is, how you are going to engage with your audience about your message, and what you want the results to be from that message.

In this book, I blend my corporate experience and my practice within the new digital frontier to offer you sound principles, ideas, and strategies that will help you navigate this world in an effective manner in order to reach your full potential.

As I was doing research for this book on the word “quantify,” one of the examples I found referenced the impossibility to quantify the amount of websites that are on the internet. With nearly one billion people on Facebook and countless millions of others actively using the various popular social networking platforms, how will you stand out?

I love going to family events where the person on stage calls out for volunteers from the crowd. In what seems like a sea of hands, seemingly all of which are trying to out-stretch the others, the sounds of kids’ screams fill the room with two words and hopes…

Pick me.

I always hated being in the position to pick. Of course, I was the one who asked for it in seeking volunteers, but that being said… why do we end up choosing who we do?

Is it the bright colored shirt they are wearing? Or maybe it’s the effort they make to out-stretch those around them. Ironically, we often pick the ones that touch our hearts; there just seems to be something about them that connects.

Imagine that. In a sea of people, with bright colors, loud voices, and outstretched hand, we pick the ones we connect with.

Could it be that there is more attention to the battle than bright colors, loud voices, and outstretched hands? I love a post I read recently from my friends at Social Media Handlers, “The battle is for attention. It all starts there.” Isn’t this the truth? We are all overwhelmed with the prospect of how to stand out in the battle for attention.

My hope with this book is that you will learn to apply the principles I present so you can harness the power of the digital world in a whole new way. This book is not necessarily about how to use social media better but rather about how to improve your message so you can stand out amongst the noise of the battle and connect using social media as a vehicle to drive your message further.

This is a book that will hopefully give you the confidence to stand before the world with your outstretched hand and say two words…

Pick me. Because…


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