Recently, my daughter returned from a trip to Rwanda to visit our three sponsor kids or as Kira calls them, her brothers and sister.

It was an amazing trip for her and I could not be more proud of her.

Here is Kira with two new friends…

While in Rwanda, Kira presented her brothers with Portland Timbers shirts and got to spend time with all three of our kids. I cannot even imagine what it would be like to to visit Africa and see it through the eyes of a teenager.

In her words about the trip…

“God put Africa on my heart when I was five and started Friends of Kira, and now I know it’s time for me to go. I have a big heart for the orphans and poor children. I consider the kids we sponsor the brothers and sisters I never had, and will consider the new kids I meet the same way.

I am excited to meet new people, learn about their life, and show them love: God’s love. I also know that I am going to learn a lot about myself, and a lot, in general.”

Here is Kira with her sister…


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  1. lomseedsofhope says:

    How amazing! She has a huge heart and will definitely impact many people πŸ™‚ If she needs an internship….

  2. Tena Carr says:

    I can only imagine how proud, as a father, you must be. That is quite an accomplishment for a teenager to take off around the world like that and to do something that has such an impact on others. Sadly, it seems, many of todays teenagers don’t care beyond their phones, play-stations, computers, etc. Your daughter is truly a blessing and special to have the heart that she has for doing things for others — But then I shouldn’t be surprised (Look who she has a father πŸ™‚

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