Have you ever got into a zone where you just watch movie after movie after movie? To be honest, I don’t go to many movies. My family does, but I usually don’t. My idea of watching a movie generally involves my daughter and I finding the worst movie possible on Netflix instant and queuing it up for some good ridicule.

Recently, as I have been struggling through some health issues, I was struck with the documentary bug.

In just over a week, I have watched a handful of documentaries. Mind you, I didn’t go looking for them. it wasn’t like I had a whole bunch queued up. I think I was just eager to learn something more about this world we all live in.

So, I began to watch a wide variety of films that spoke of life in different places of the world, the kind of world we now live in, and hopefully the kind of world we can someday become.

Below, I will embed the trailers for each of the films I have recently viewed. If you decide to watch any of them, please come on back to this post and let me know what you thought.

For me, the pace of these films are all very different yet… opened my eyes to the pace of a world I was eager to see. In viewing them, one may find some take a disciplined approach in finally adjusting to the rhythm of the story being told. Others just jump right in with seamless precision already decidedly in sync with life as we know it.

For me, this is good. The world is different, but our hearts beat the same.

I hope they at least drive you to thought and reflection as they did for me. – G!