The only visual for this post is that which my words describe for you.

I walked outside to the sunlit sidewalk filled with people of all sorts. The song, Love is Magic was playing between my ears. Something felt different about this moment and yet… it felt so right.

I had one of those moments of exhale and pause at the wonder of life all around me.

So many people… so many stories. You could feel it in the air. For whatever reason, everything felt so “synched” at that moment as if we all walked in step with one another, yet our daily destinations were so different.

I had no idea who anyone was, yet I felt like I had known those around me for years.

A moment later, I crossed the street on my way to the parking garage to find my car. Suddenly, I was all alone as I made my way up the stairwell to the 4th floor. As I reached the 3rd floor, I caught the eye of one in their car spiraling down the parking garage to find their way out. We were both moving, but for some reason, our eyes locked. It was a quick moment as I walked past the opening that led to that floor of cars. Without hesitation, but a moment of mental pause, I continued on to the next floor as they continued on to the exit.

Life, it happens, and yet… it is so easy to miss so much of it. These brief moments convict me of how much life I spend with my eyes closed.

It’s happening all around you… do you really see it?

Now… make the most of it. It will happen fast. It will happen in the blink of an eye.

Perhaps that was you in the car. If so… that was me in the stairwell.

Nice to meet you.