Leadership… it is so important. As a business leader myself, I too have been challenged by how to lead effectively. With this, and over the years, I have found four key principles that I believe are critical to success. Now, I must add, I am not claiming to be an expert here or that I have mastered these principles,  which I also believe must be in step with one another. In other words, 3 out of 4 won’t work. For it to work, we must learn to effectively and consistently reflect these.

  1. Vision – without it, you perish
  2. Clarity – without it, there is anxiety
  3. Leadership – without it, there is chaos
  4. Accountability – without it, there is no correction

For me and with each day, I must ask myself how effectively am I reflecting these principles. Now, these aren’t silver bullets with a guarantee, however, I do believe that they are absolutely critical to a sustainable plan and are a foundation for a path that can lead to success.

What I learned from my previous experience is that sometimes, you must demand these things. For businesses, causes, and messages to thrive… these things in step with one another must be present within the culture. When pressed for these things, those in leadership roles cannot be shaken by them, but instead… need to embrace them.

The moment that those in leadership start reacting negatively to being pressed for these things is the moment it has suddenly become only about them and not the cause. Leaders need to seek to lead with these principles firmly in place if they ever expect the runners to take the message and clearly run with it.

When employees came to me with what they called a clarity question… it was a signal to me that there was anxiety. This of course impacts morale, which then leads to a reduction of productivity. Hats off to the employee for seeking that of me and hopefully… hats off to me for recognizing what they were really saying and responding accordingly

Are these the keys to success? I don’t know. But, can they get you a long way down the road towards it? I believe without a doubt… YES!

How would having these principles firmly planted within your culture impact what you do?