Want to get more mileage out of your message?

Well, being that stats are showing an overwhelming amount of messages are most trusted via friend to friend communication versus a decline of trust from traditional marketers, perhaps it may not just be your message that is not giving you the miles per gallon you would like. Perhaps, It might be your target.

What I have been looking at recently with regards to driving one’s message far via the tools of social media is in reverse engineering the process beyond just delivering a message to your audience.

These days, that is the easiest part. Though, the intrigue of your message/content must past muster, perhaps what is really stunting your growth is further down and more deeper than just that.

What I believe is that what will carry your message the farthest is when it lands in the lap of an audience member who is winning the “social” media game between your posts.

In other words, if they are getting social and building relationships in between the time you are posting content, they are in a sense, building up the capital to be heard by their audience. If not, chances are, they have already been turned off by their audience and they just don’t know it. This especially stands for those who have done an effective job of articulating their message and setting it up for their audience in a way that is as easy as paint by numbers. Sure, it is easy and clear for them to engage by sharing, but… is anybody listening to them?

Or maybe the margins don’t really matter to you and that is ok. Certainly I believe that with the right 12 people in the audience amongst hundreds, if not thousands, we can take any city with a message. But how can we multiply this? Or, is it even any of our responsibility?

As an organization, this intrigues me. Now, of course if you are a mega corporation with massive brand recognition or even street level credibility recognition, it simply is a game of numbers as critical mass has already been achieved. But… what if you are not?

In this, I am intrigued with a strategy for an organization that identifies its viral catalysts, knows their audience, and then seeks to help them be better at the social media game. Helping them create intrigue with their posts and not just more noise.

Now of course, you cannot control who follows you or subscribes to your feed. However, if you are connecting with them with your message, you have capital.How will you spend the capital in this new day and age? In this, I would propose a consideration or maybe just a ponder on not only wanting the audience to buy into your message, but also wanting to help them help you by driving your message.

Again, I am not talking about those large entities that have reached critical mass and tipping point. I am talking about the vast majority of users and organizations all in the game seeking to be heard.

What if this strategy was adapted? If our audience gets better, we get seen… more-er.

Hmmm, I need to think through this as we often times spend a lot of time helping people internally to understand and navigate social media more effectively, but what about our audience?

This is a new world and sure… social media might seem obvious to many, yet… why still all the noise?

So perhaps a new strategy might be to subtly help your audience get better between the posts and in this create capital to be heard and with that begin to learn how to then best create intrigue with your posts rather than just simply more noise. Helping your audience understand and do this will help you get seen more-er, let alone the loyalty it may just get you for helping them get better at something other than just buying your stuff.

What kind of mileage would that get you?

Just a thought.