I love it when a business is listening.

While taking my daughter to the mall today to shop for her birthday, I tweeted this:

Of course, I was half joking. I think as some of us get a little older, we dread the mall. A visit to the mall with your teenager can always be a crash course on all that exists that makes one feel old, but oddly hip.

What was fun about this late afternoon tweet is what happened next…

What makes this even more impressive is with how little this actually happens with businesses “using” social media. In this, notice I don’t even officially mention or tag the mall with their handle in my original tweet and yet still.. they were listening.

With this, I want to say great job to @WashingtonSQ for using social media two ways…

1. Broadcasting

2. Listening

From there, they then add responding to the list.

My goodness, there are so many great tools out there for anyone to be listening or even be alerted to real time chat occurring online around one’s brand that I am surprised I have only had so few experiences like this.

In this case, the response from my random and spontaneous tweets made me to feel as a consumer… special, noticed, and not just a transaction.

If I were a business with a presence in this mall, I would be beyond thrilled that the mall is using social media this way.

If I were a business with a presence in this mall, I would take note and follow suit. (I say this because once upon a time, 15 years ago.. I was one of those businesses.)

If I were a business, I would start doing three things with my social media usage:

  1. Engaging
  2. Listening
  3. Responding

Instead of just:

  • Broadcasting

Because in the end, it is how well you do the 1,2,3 that will buy you the capital to be heard.

But, in this case, once again… social media is not just being used to reach people outside of the mall, it is being used to actively listen in on in store chatter and perhaps look for opportunities to enhance the experience.

Now, some might say this is creepy or that they don’t want to be bothered. But, I would say that if you are thinking that, consider this:

  1. Reconsider why and how you are using social media in the first place
  2. The consumer invited the engagement first by what they tweeted, and the entity took them up on it

For me, I love this and salute @WashingtonSQ for how they are using Twitter to make the consumer feel special.