Like a crucial missed pass opportunity in the fourth quarter of the Super Bowl, sadly many companies with social media presence faired no better by failing to catch passes they were made to catch during yesterdays big game.

Leading up to the game, whether you loved the teams or not, a general consensus from those in my network said the same as to why they were going to watch the game… the commercials.

That being said, by the end of the game, what was watched most (other than that excited last 4 minutes) was not the game or the commercials, but none other than… you guessed it, the Twitter feed.

With hashtags like #superbowl and #brandbowl driving the conversation, it was amazing watching a commercial and then guessing how quickly that commercial would trend on Twitter.

At first, I thought companies would capitalize with engagement or anything relevant to the conversation outside of… here’s the link to the commercial everybody is talking about. And to be honest, I was impressed with @amazonmp3 for tweeting a link to download “Gonna Fly Now” immediately after it was featured in an Hyundai ad.

But after that, not much social going on with social media as social media was driving the social aspect of the “Greatest show on Earth.”

Honestly, the best I have ever seen a company capitalize on a TV show in an seemingly unstaged way or at least the appearance of was with Baja Fresh when their CEO David Kim was featured on Undercover Boss.

For them, David himself was actively engaging people tweeting about the show while it aired… in all time zones. Of course, their website and everything was staged up to play off the broadcast, but enlisting their CEO to engage too…. TOUCHDOWN!

So where were the companies yesterday during this Twitter bonanza?

Even if you weren’t a company who spent millions to showcase their goods during the game with what I felt was an average showing of commercials, where were you?

Certainly, perhaps dialogue during the game may not have been brand specific, but it sure was customer specific. And what an opportunity it was to come off as not a brand… but actually one of us… the consumer.

Now to be fair, I don’t want to make this a broad stroke of the brush and assume no one was engaging, and maybe they didn’t need to. Maybe their metric was to get people talking about it… in the moment. But for me, if you engaged me as well in the moment, I would still be talking about you beyond the moment.

Did you notice any brands or companies engaging yesterday? If so, who? How did they do?