How will you see this picture?

Noise. Its what’s distracting me when I am not living life on purpose.

I rode light rail into town the other day.

With riding mass transit, one can miss out on so much if they choose to ride with their eyes closed. All around us is a story waiting to be seen, heard, and told. All around us is perhaps a lesson crying out to be taught.

As the train turned and began its descent upon downtown Portland, the buildings along the street began to line up outside the windows that outlined this rail car.

As the doorsteps quickly passed by, each left a momentary imprint in my mind quickly giving way to the next. Until that one doorstep.

A young man laid sideways on the top step tightly woven into a maroon sleeping bag. He was sound asleep. At his feet sat up an older looking lady with short blonde hair. She had an aged look on her face that told the stories of what seemed a thousand lifetimes.

Sound asleep, the young man remained motionless as his friend sat up staring intently into a small circular mirror applying eye make up and preparing for her day.

I wonder if anyone else saw this. I wonder what they thought. Did it touch them the way it touched me? Was their initial thought, judgement? What would yours be?

What did she see as she looked into that mirror? Imagine doing the same in your house each morning, but with a light rail full of passengers passing by.

Pause: Take your heart past that which your eyes have seen and that which perceptions your mind has known and tell me what you really see? What you should see.. what you need to see… what they see.

Perhaps the stories of the thousand lifetimes should be heard first before the stories of my perceptions freeze this image in my mind.. heart… and soul.

I will probably never see that lady again, but the image of her that morning will stick with me forever. How did she get to that place in life where she would awake each morning and for all the world to see, watch as she quietly went about her business?

You know what? I am tired of judging people and I am tired of listening to others do the same.

What did I see that morning? My soul.

In this, perhaps I need to take a long hard look at this(my soul) first before I begin looking upon others and burdening them with my judgements? Ironically, I wonder how many others have found themselves in those places due to the burdens others had placed upon them?

Why do we have the frozen perceptions of others that we do? Which are true and which are false? How do we change those that are false? In this, we should all seek to identify these frozen perceptions and seek to unlock them. Perhaps in this, they will remove barriers that keep each of us from reaching our true full potential while living here on earth.

In doing this, my hope is that it will then lead me to having a heart posture that seeks to serve others first… and me second… regardless of who they(others) are or what brought them to a place that has crossed my path.

A life void of service for ones neighbor, is a heart in need of transformation and Purpose… its how i’m living when I am not being distracted by the noise.

Perhaps doorstep living is all around you right where you are. in this, what do you see? What will you do?