Here is the actual conductor from that light rail ride.

The conductor was at the podium. The notes on the pages before her were waiting patiently to come to life for all the world not to hear, but to see.

I have never seen anything quite like it. The young lady sat in her seat on the light rail one day seemingly in a world all to herself. But was she?

Sitting there with a thick and scattered looking book of music scores on the seat next to her, her posture appeared to sit up as to signal the musicians inside her mind that the time has come for this concert to begin.

Without a sign of care or distraction at the passengers within this train staring upon her with both intrigue and mockery, she began the most powerful concerto that was never heard.

Effortlessly moving her hands to the music jumping off the pages before her, she was not just conducting the orchestra within her mind, she was conducting the orchestra within all of our minds who sat and watched.

As the train came upon its next stop, passengers both came and went. Unknowingly to the longer haired older gentleman who just climbed aboard, he took his seat directly in front of her… facing her.

What would she do? Would she get embarrassed? Would she stop?

I imagined along with many others on this train, no doubt, what might just happen next.

As the doors closed and the train began to move, the conductor once again arose in her seat to signal the orchestra that the brief intermission was over. And with this, she once again began conducting a most powerful of overature.

I only saw the back of his head as he sat virtually 2-3 feet directly in front of her. Yet in this, I can only imagine what went through his mind as she appeared to gently sway her imaginary baton in her right hand while inviting the brass section to begin playing with gentle crescendos with the other.

With light posts outside the train windows quickly moving past every few seconds from within the tunnel we were passing through, the rhythm in which she was conducting seemed not only to seamlessly drive the orchestra inside her mind, but that which was outside of her mind as well.

With every down beat of her conducting hand seemed to pass a bright light just out the window. Even my thoughts began to sway with each movement of her baton.

I wonder if anyone else noticed this? To her, it was all music.

In this, if we simply let this experience simply be just that… a young lady on a train conducting to music in her head, we would be losing out on something. For I believe there is a song inside each of us waiting to be brought to life. And the best of songs are the ones we did not set out to look for, but simply always seem to find us… if we let them find us.

What I loved about this young lady was that see was living her life and making music all the while and most likely unbeknownst to her, making music out of her surroundings as well… no matter who was around her or what they even thought.

Perhaps in this, there are conductors all around us waiting to raise up a song in each of us. Or, maybe we are the conductor?

Sadly, what keeps us from being the conductor is the thought that even though we know what the right thing is to do, we rarely do it for fear of what others will think. Ironically, it is the others who need not think, but simply play their song.

When music is played from a deep place, it transcends that which is only audible to the ear to a movement undefined but right that can be heard only from a place deep within the soul.

There is a concerto waiting to be played. Are you ready to play it? In this, I would venture to say that not only does the world need to hear your song… you need to hear your song.

Music moves. Pass it on.