Are you built to last or are you built to rely on unpredictable things that are out of your control? It seems more and more things these days are unreliable and can no longer be built upon for long term growth and sustainability.

In this, perhaps it is time that we make some decisions as to what our posture is going to be.

  • Will we continue to build our application on top of an infrastructure that may not be existing in the next 12-15 months?
  • Will we build an infrastructure thats revenue stream is reliant on self sufficiency and in grown markets that then can build their application on top of us?

I think sometimes, we think we have built an infrastructure that will last, when in all reality, we have simply built an application and placed it on top of someone else’s infrastructure that may not be built to last. In this day and age, I believe it is absolutely vital that we all take a long hard look at how we are built and whom we are reliant on.

With this, I have seen way too many organizations become instantly non-existent like a game of dominoes due to the infrastructure going bad.

In the non profit world, how do you respond or how will you respond to:

  • Economic downturn
  • Donor fatigue
  • 501c3 goes away
In the for profit sector, how do you respond or how will you respond to:
  • The impact of rising fuel costs
With this, I am not intending to bring a message of gloom and doom, however, I have seen enough of the warning signs on the wall that says if you are not thinking about how you are built to last right now, then I am not confident that you are… built to last.

With this, I have heard too many stories of organizations and such that have built their whole model on placing their application on others infrastructures with disregard to market changes and economic uncertainties. All of this, of course is out of their control.

And certainly, there will always be risks.

But, what if you could minimize those risks and build something you could control? What if you could build something that would remain unfazed while all other infrastructures are falling apart all around you, including those you previously relied upon for your very existence and survival?

With the power of the digital world upon us, knowledge on Earth is doubling every 5 days. In this, perhaps somewhere in there is your answer to building your infrastructure.

With this, perhaps its now time for your application to become your infrastructure so that others can build their application upon yours?

To do this, you need to remember these 3 key action points:

  1. Don’t think inside the box
  2. Don’t think outside the box
  3. Throw away the box

The time is now to solidify your business or organization’s longterm sustainable path. The time is now to innovate your mandate.

In other words, make your plan work, regardless of others. And with regards to others, make sure they have a plan that works. With building infrastructure for application, the power is most likely in your hands. But with application for others infrastructure, it’s up to them.

Which do you prefer? Choose wisely. But how can this be? Will I not always rely on someone else? There is always the vertical integration approach that takes you from:

  • growing it, designing it, developing it
  • manufacturing it
  • selling it

There is also the affiliate approach:

  • You offer access to it
  • Others sell it

Quite frankly, how can this be that we allow ourselves to suffer from paralysis from analysis of the future rather than taking action from analysis from the paralysis of the markets we are facing today?

I know I am simply casting out ideas in this post, but something tells me you are beginning to make the switch in your mind as to what your posture should be. Will this mean starting over? Maybe… maybe not. In many cases, it simply means re-arranging some things, unlocking some frozen perceptions, viewing your business/market through a different set of lenses, and yes… throwing away the box.

With this, don’t fret. Keep trying to solve me something and stop trying to sell me something and you will be fine. One will lead to the other and be sustainable, the other more than likely will not.

Are you built to last… or are you hoping they are?