While recently in a business meeting over lunch in Beirut, Lebanon, a good friend of mine made the following statement that stopped me in my tracks…

“Amateurs talk about strategies, professionals talk about logistics.”

In this, it was like a thousands arrows simultaneously hit their mark as I can only imagine a bright lightbulb lighting up just above my head at that moment.

With this, it is so true. In a world of hype and over promising, it would do us all good to stop, pause, and ponder what these words are saying.

It reminds me of a person I used to work for who once looked at me and said that an idea wasn’t worth anything unless you did something with it.

But, in this mad dash to get the attention of potential consumers, too often, it is all about the sound bite, and not about the action. That being said, a good execution plan has both strategy and logistics.

So, don’t fall for the hype of great ideas and strategies minus the logistics. Fall for the hype of both of them together…

One can not be effective without the other because in the end..

Amateurs talk about strategies. Professionals talk about logistics. Historians talk about execution.