Gunnar Simonsen speaking through translator to studio audience during the live radio broadcast on JJFM 105.10 in Surabaya, Indonesia.

SURABAYA, INDONESIA- Digital media specialist Gunnar Simonsen were featured on JJFM 105.10 in Surabaya, Indonesia last week. The two were in Surabaya teaching people about the uses of social media and it’s potential for sharing critical information during disasters or for community development.

In the interview, Gunnar, on Twitter @gunnarsimonsen, commented on how forming relationships through social media is as effective in building a brand and maintaining a loyal customer base as spending thousands of dollars in marketing campaigns.

“We used to have to spend thousands of dollars to conduct market research. But now, through building relationships as much as possible in social media, branding will happen by itself,” Gunnar said.

He uses social media to stay connected with people during disasters. He accesses a variety of different social tools like Twitter, crowdsource mapping, and UStream video feeds to monitor and catalog information that was previously unavailable. We are also helping disaster responders and other organizations understand how powerful social media can be as an information source.

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