I logged out tonight and then logged back in and presto… I had myself a whole new Twitter dashboard. So what’s different?

As you can see, gone are the “Mention” and “Retweet” options replaced with your “Username” and “Activity” options.

What does this mean?

@GunnarSimonsen (username):

  • all mentions of your username
  • all of your tweets that were retweeted
  • all users that have followed you
  • all those who have favorited a tweet by you
I love this stream as it becomes more of a one stop shop off all things about you and your feed. In this, it allows you to be an active listener and responder all at once towards those who are engaging with you. So, instead of checking your mentions, who retweets you, and then followers separately, you can see it all in one stream.


  • Favorited tweets by those you follow
  • Who just followed who by those you follow?
  • What tweets by others did your followers retweet?
  • Who added who to what Twitter list by those you follow?

At first, it looks a little different and chaotic, but with time, I am sure we will find these changes much more efficient in our daily use of Twitter.

In the end, Twitter is about engagement and anything that will make it easier to engage, listen, respond, and grow our communities, I am all for.

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2 responses »

  1. Kerri Craig says:

    didn’t even know there were changes… I mostly use HootSuite or MarketMeSuite, so I rarely even go to the Twitter site. Thanks for the heads up so I’m not searching next time I’m on there…

  2. I love the new dashboard. I had it on my screen last night. Today I am back to the old. Hope they get it rolled out permanently soon. Great new stuff.

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