Products don’t last if they don’t meet a need people have. Yet, in the world of social media, everywhere we look, people are trying to sell us stuff. And, like most.. I just turn them off, that is if I even followed them back in the first place.

In this new world we find ourselves in and with these incredible tools we have available to us to reach virtually thousands and maybe millions in a matter of seconds, I have one thing to tell people representing brands, products, and causes…

When we market stuff, does how you are doing it in using these social media tools reflect you selling someone something or rather you solving someone something?

How would it change what you do and how you are perceived if you were to begin solving people something rather then selling people something?

For me, when someone sells me something rather than solves me something with out any engagement or effort to simply build a relationship, I turn them off… because they have turned me off.