One thing that I have seen a lot of while traveling the world discussing social media use with a wide range of users with varying backgrounds is how often many of us feel we are reaching the right audience, when in all actuality, we are only still reaching the choir. In this, the all inclusive echo chamber effect rules the day.

Is it any wonder some times why one is not getting the type of traction that they expected to get with utilizing social media tools to cast their message into the virtual wide net of prospects?

Yet still, we continue to network, prospect, wait, and wonder…

What is the ROI of social media? I thought this was the place to be? When am I going to see results?

Is it any wonder then when we see a percentage of marketers deciding they were going to decrease their use of social media to cast their message, when everyone else was going to increase?

Amara’s Law states that “we tend to overestimate the effect of a technology in the short run and underestimate the effect in the long run.”

With that said, when we combine overestimation with lack of a strategic understanding of how this technology can work for us, well, you can see why some will never make it out of the gate.

So, unknowingly we camp out in the echo chamber and sing to the choir, all the while the prospects await their song.

In this, we must begin to remove the barriers that would keep us from setting up camp in the promised land rather than the wilderness.

So, what does this mean?

A. Know your business – seems simple, but if you do not know your business, you will have no business.
B. Know your audience
C. Know where your audience is spending their time online
D. Go there
E. Create a plan
F. Be relational 80% of the time with your messaging and informational 20% of the time with your messaging
G. Engage, Listen, Respond, Adjust, Rinse, and Repeat

But singing to the right audience isn’t the final answer…

When one using social networking to reach new prospects has adapted a traditional model which includes both nearly 100% informational messaging as well as being in the wrong place, the results are not good.

A. Become irrelevant
B. Unfollowed
C. Become viral noise
D. Become a turn off
E. Become SPAM

In doing this, you are only contributing to the establishment of a frozen perception with regard to what you do and who you are that will be a nearly impossible barrier to tear down.

Are you singing to the choir when all a long you have thought you were speaking to the prospects?
Are you speaking to the prospects that quite frankly is actually you singing to the choir?

In the end, there is a time to sing and there is a time to speak. Which are you doing… and to whom are you doing what you are doing?

Otherwise, what you think is song has actually become just noise and no one ever turns the dial just to hear noise.