So, you want to hire someone to do your social media. I hear this all the time… I don’t know much about it, so I hired someone who “does” to do it for me. Great, so you are spending money on this person, but what are you getting for it? How are you measuring? What expectations do you have”

Well, this isn’t the definitive answer, but perhaps it can get you thinking about what you could be expecting your social media person to be accomplishing…

Job Title: Director of Social Media


Include: the management, creation, direction and execution of our ongoing social media strategy.

Candidate Description:

1. This individual must understand the online marketing space and how social media is interwoven with other marketing efforts.

2. They must be able to identify and communicate social media opportunities and create materials in support of our social media strategy, which is to “improve our reputation by creating and responding to ongoing conversations through everyday engagement and remarkable content, encouraging consumers and influencers to become brand enthusiasts.”

3. They also must be able to partner and coordinate with multiple teams to ensure the organization strategy is being followed and that local initiatives are implemented properly.

The Director of Social Media will possess a thorough understanding of the social media space and its potential impact in other areas of online and offline marketing including but are not limited to Care, Public Relations, events, SEO, online advertising, branding and campaign ideation.

This individual must be an excellent communicator, comfortable with writing, public speaking, supporting and training at all levels of the organization.

The Director of Social Media will be responsible for creating plans and implementing them to promote our [fill in the blank] to generate awareness and engagement with the organization.

The Director will be our “editor in chief” for social media, coordinating with all internal teams interested and doing social media, to create company-wide plans, content calendars as well as implement posts, tweets, updates, etc. within our Twitter, Facebook and YouTube platforms and all others where potential audience exists.

A blend of strong strategic thinking, planning, project management and people management skills are required.


Our goals are to:

1. Increase awareness of our work

2. Increase our community and network

3. Increase our influence

4. Increased support for our efforts

5. Increase knowledge in the areas of our expertise

  1. Lead marketing strategy and execution for social media activities/programs
  2. Partner with internal teams to consolidate requests, create one overall content calendar and then implement tweets, posts, etc.
  3. Leverage measurement tools to track effectiveness (social media penetration, impact on our reputation and viral perceptions)
  4. Regularly update our external social sites: Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, site blogs, etc.
  5. Develop and maintain a process workflow that ensures consistent execution and delivery of social media marketing campaigns with creative and technology teams
  6. Develop key planning tools and documents such as business requirements, content calendars and marketing plans to drive social media engagement tied to campaigns, events, community outreach, new product launches, etc.
  7. Develop and maintain a set of best practices and manage recommended rules of engagement, helping to build social media capabilities across the company
  8. Stay abreast of social media tools and industry trends
  9. Never forget that with social media, social means social.
  10. Have fun!