Social media monitoring is nothing new.

Quite frankly, outside of said privacy settings on various social networking platforms, let’s face it… aren’t we already being monitored?

Are you listed on Twitter by somebody based on a certain topic you like to tweet about? Then, guess what? You are being monitored by someone who has identified what it is that you tweet about that interests them.

Welcome to the viral world.

As I travel the world and discuss privacy as a global concern for using social media, I go from those concerned about personal information getting into the wrong hands to others who are concerned about getting thrown into jail because they disagree with a government policy. Trust me, if you have been following me lately, then you know where i’ve been and understand the term hot spots.

Because of this widespread concern, which depending on where you are in the world has varying implications, I have adopted a new slide to my Mindset of Social Media 3 hour class.

In it, I make this statement: “The power of wisdom. Always seek wisdom before posting something. Whatever you post can and will be used against you. This does not mean adopting a stop using mentality, but rather a wisdom based user mentality.”

Isn’t that the just plain truth in life both online and offline?

How many times have you been in a situation where you made a statement only to immediately realize that you should open mouth and insert foot?

Using wisdom in what you post online is quite frankly being strategic and smart.

With anything, we too often allow our emotions to take over and therefore lead us to a path of saying things that we might feel, but not in a way that is productive to anybody.

But, for many of us, we too often shoot from the hip with our approach to social media.

For certain, it is the authenticity of people and their viral contribution that breeds life to the social media ecosystem. But if for some they only knew the frozen perceptions others had of them for their lack of strategic thinking and social networking engagement, they would either cringe or sadly not hear a thing.

For some, that’s simply their schtick. For them, there is nothing worth monitoring of them as because of their style, only a small percentage of what they say is ever taken seriously.

In this, we must all find our own social media rhythm that contributes life, not noise.

So, we must be reminded of the importance of adapting this simple rule:

Wisdom + Plan = Less likely to say something that you will regret

I read a quote recently that said… “Fail to plan. Plan to fail.

I believe that in adopting this strategy, we will all find ourselves less likely to be monitored for the wrong reasons, and more likely to be monitored for the right reasons.

But make no mistake, you alone will establish the reasons why.

Let’s review:

A. Be wise

B. Have a plan