Hey G, how do I get more followers?

That is a BIG question these days. For me, I am now focusing on the quality of of my followers more than the quantity of my followers. However, that being said… we still need followers or friends if we plan to engage and be social, right?

Of course, as an individual, these followers and friends are generally made up of friends and family. Well, in business, it should be no different, right?

If you have a brand page, start by adding or following your friends and families. Also, ask your employees or volunteers to follow you or like you. Even ask them and your friends and followers if they would mind inviting their friends, families, followers to follow you.

But, please do this out of respect for your relationship with them. Invest in that relationship online by engaging with each of them. In this, it will buy you the favor with them to ask a favor of them. Otherwise, it just comes off like it just being about you.

Ask them to help you spread awareness.

From there and as you naturally grow.. immediately begin engaging with your new followers as a group and individually.

Anybody can work their way to 1,000 followers and friends with much effort and consistency. But, are any of those 1,000 followers or friends actually listening?

That is why I have begun to focus more on the quality of friends rather than the quantity of friends. And you know what, since I started focusing on this…guess what? My follower and friend count began to dramatically increase.

This is why that the less it is about you… the more it will become about you.

Growing your base organically the natural way by starting with the ones who know you best, asking them to help you grow, providing fresh content, and engaging your way to a broader base.