Question: I really wanna have a website, but honestly a bit confused of using it to communicate with public, I mean is it already needed?

Answer: If you do want a website, you may want to consider a free template website/blog like Websites over the years have become a place for more static information. (example: who you are, what you do) However, it is a great place to host a blog where you tell the stories about what you experienced. In telling stories in written form about the experiences you are facing daily, it has a powerful way of compelling others for the things that compel you.

You could then use Facebook and Twitter to drive awareness to the site/blog. But, be careful when doing that, remember the 80/20 rule?

Websites = informational

Social Networking sites = relational

I like to share information in written form, video form, and audio form to stimulate the follower base on a regular basis.

For example: Every Monday, post a video about what you are doing. Every Wednesday, post an audio interview with someone you are impacting or work with. Every Friday, post a blog/note about a story you experienced doing your week that week.

In this, you can stimulate the various senses of your follower base in different ways which will keep it interesting as well as establish a front of mind strategy for you. In other words, keeping you on the front of minds of your followers.

Of course, lastly, you will want to maintain an engagement posture with your posts. Ask questions, respond to other posts. Be interactive.

Is a website needed? Depends on where your audience is. Certainly, with 750 million people on Facebook, it is a great idea to have a “brand” or “cause” page. But remember, website, Facebook, or whatever you choose…

You still need a couple things…

1. Compelling content that is fresh and updated regularly

2. A strategy to drive people to this fresh content

3. Listen and respond strategy to your community as the respond to your posts, make general comments, or ask questions.

If you choose a website, great. However, that will not mean people will automatically know you are there or where to find you. That is why having a social media strategy is so effective as a way to drive awareness and engage with your target audience on a daily basis. Having an effective website these days must go hand in hand with using social media tools.

You may also just simply choose (if this is where your core target audience is) a Facebook brand page. There, blogs are called notes.

If you are a business and offer products online, there are several applications being offered now to allow businesses to sell their product on Facebook making it a one stop shop social networking experience.

Of course, these are just my initial thoughts. Let’s keep this dialogue going and learn from each other!

I hope this helps us start a dialogue to help you find your right place on the internet.