I work a lot within the world of social media. With this, I have been afforded many amazing opportunities to speak with various age groups on the mindset of social media.

With this, I believe we have gone 0-60mph overnight with how we use social media in all aspects of our lives. And why not? It’s pretty amazing.

Personally, my aim with social media is to embrace it, understand it, and utilize it to best maximize both mine and its (social media) full potential.

The trick too often is doing all that, while not allowing myself… to be owned by it.

With this, I wanted to find out from others as to how it has impacted their lives. So, I recently conducted a survey where I asked this question:

As more people and businesses are using social media, how has it impacted your life for the good or bad?

Those who participated in the survey were:

Male – 41.3%
Female – 56.5%
Percent of those who took survey that use Twitter: 64.1% and Facebook: 95.7%

Age range of those who took survey: 18-56 and above (25-45 was average age range)

How much time do these participants spend on social networking sites per week?
How do these participants spend their time on social networking sites?
Here’s how the participants answered the question… see if you can relate to any of these responses.
  • I have reconnected with many old friends – that has been amazing for my emotional and spiritual health. However, my brother, who is in high school, is bullied and tormented through Facebook. I think it’s irresponsible for parents not to monitor their kids on social networks.
  • Bad: Time Waster Good: Networking
  • I’m better informed, but I have less time for reading fiction. Honest!
  • As a freelance videographer & editor, it has helped to give me more exposure and as a result I have received quite a few paying gigs.
  • I can keep up to date on things happening in friends businesses
  • Feel tied to it. But I’ve also discovered some really cool, people and organizations through it.
  • You can get way more info–you’re informed better than ever. But less time to share as a result!
  • It’s been good. Really keeps me connected.
  • Well everything is online now; at first I resisted, but I now see the benefits. In regards to social media, I see the ease in which people can communicate across the world, but I do question the security of ANY information, conversations, etc. Everything has its pros and cons.
  • Allowed me to get in touch w/ old classmates and also keep in touch w/ newer acquaintances and friends.
  • It is great to be able to get in contact with people easily. Although, I am not a fan of the way information gets out to others and all the privacy things that are always changing.
  • Keeps me from being bored and I can keep in touch with family and friends.
  • Helps me keep in touch with friends and family I might not contact as often otherwise. Helps me stay current on news I am interested in.
  • it has made me more aware of people and business around me that without it I may have never interacted with.
  • Definitely for the good! Made connections with old & not so old friends who I never would have otherwise. Keep connections with new friends that I otherwise wouldn’t have. Given me a venue to share opinions, ideas, suggestions — as I read others.
  • I tend to lose track of time occasionally, then I feel like I have a lot to catch up on. On the other hand I have reunited with some amazing people and my life is better for it.
  • It has allowed me to be more connected and get reconnected to my friends and family. It has also caused some jealousy in the household.
  • it provides more information that was harder to access.
  • I would say good and bad. Good because I get to chat with distant friends and family, and bad because it takes up too much of my time.
  • While I do feel more connected and informed, it has become a time hog.
  • good in that it’s easier to keep up to date on friends lives, bad in that it takes me and loved ones away from other things we love
  • I feel more connected to them, which I love – on the other hand, it’s another thing vying for my time, which I don’t love
  • It’s a great way to keep up with friends, or see what’s going on with local music. I HATE using it to track national bands (I don’t care that you’re playing Oklahoma) and there is NEVER any real info from manufacturers about products. I have to use a company’s web page for that.
  • A great way to stay connected and informed. I use it a lot to promote Christian media, and it is great for sharing prayer requests and needs.
  • Good: Hear what others are doing
  • Both actually, after suffering from addiction, I came to realize that I was actually becoming addicted to the gaming aspect, I HAD to farm, fight, fling, and generally keep up with too many games, it was taking a huge chunk of my time. The good side is I can keep up with family and friends, both old and new, and can use it to research the things that are important to me, including fellowship as a Christian with those Christians I would not be able to in other ways.
  • good I have learned about new business’s, reminded me of places I hadn’t been in awhile
  • I can stay in touch with more people and keep friendships that would have dwindled alive.
  • I have received MORE business, job opportunities and such because of being so connected.
  • For the good! Great way to communicate with family and friends, and stay in-touch. Able to hear about the latest happenings and view many opinions.
  • I am the president of a Social Media Marketing company so for me it’s been fantastic!
  • Great way to connect with other people in my field and learn about trends, causes, etc.
  • Good: more info; faster info Bad: more info 🙂 sometimes feels overwhelming
  • Well since potential employers are looking at Facebook and other social sites, it causes you to be more aware of what you make public.
  • I have reconnected with many people that I had lost touch with. And as someone who operates their own business, probably 90% of my business has actually come to me as a result of Facebook.
  • For the good; has enabled me to build a community of like-minded people. Is also a great funnel for my business.
  • It is an invisible time suck without a strong management system or clear objective for utilization.
  • I think it is a great tool for both personal & professional use. Great way to stay in contact and up date with friends, and it keeps me informed and interested in businesses, artists, etc.
  • Makes it a lot easier to stay in touch with people and get information from/about businesses.
  • I don’t think it has impacted my life either way.
  • I waste too much time on it.
  • I expanded my use for business purposes and have learned that it is a valuable and effective tool.
  • me and my gf got jobs at IKEA in portland when it opened. Her job offer was rescinded at the last minute because of her myspace and her talk of being an addict.
  • I generally get too distracted on my social sites. Have to shut them down to get work done…
  • Has helped it by keeping family members in other states & friends close & in contact has hindered some relationships as well if too much time has been spent on web
  • Well, i was shocked the other day to actually find out about Osama on Facebook (and not the news or radio) It just kinda hit me how powerful Facebook is becoming
  • It’s improved communicating with my students & parents
  • It is just another venue for communication
  • It’s made things a lot easier to connect with people, but at times it can also be less connecting (it feels like you’re giving up more meaningful connections with people in favor of “Facebook friends”
  • Increased contact with.people that can’t interact with in person due to distance
  • It has allowed me to find old friends and renew those relationships. It has also encouraged me to seek out and learn more about subjects that interest me.
  • Takes up a lot of time, but necessary…and fun.
  • I think it’s for the better time management wise. But socially, I lack in people skills.
  • Good, learn something new everyday, information and news is in real time, no longer rely on any print media
  • On one hand it’s made me aware of many more products, on the other hand, the volume of business related tweets/updates capsize the 1 or 2 products/businesses I’m interested in.
  • As a missionary overseas I love having the ability to share my life with family & friends at home, as well as to interact with friends I’ve made around the globe
  • Still learning. I like the intense conversations over time regarding relevant business issues.
  • It is a double edged sword. It is a great communicating and networking tool, but can easily consume too much time.
  • When I left my old company, lot of clients on linked in followed me to my new company.
  • It’s been a great way to communicate with people when it’s convenient for me. I also like to see what others are involved in. I have actually taken a trip due to a new friendship I made on Facebook. I attended an event, stayed in a hotel, ate at restaurants, and shopped in the town I visited.
  • Good? Easy of connectivity. Bad? The personal experience is shallow or non-existence. Look I have 500 friends who I may talk to (voice to voice) once a year
  • I tend to utilize knowledge obtained from these businesses and also will frequently visit their business/use services more often when I’m aware of them.
  • I spend too much time just going back and checking on updates, I find I waste a good deal of my day. However, I have reconnected with family and been able to share my business with others.
  • interlinking with other local businesses
  • Television news has become irrelevant and stale.
  • Good …. managing Change on the Global scene … see it as a good tool
  • It’s an easier way to learn about current events that directly relate to you. It also makes large events more tangible which is always appealing. I find it to be an effective tool to generate interest for my projects, be they personal or professional.
  • Makes it easy to keep in touch with friends and family but also tends to be a distraction.
  • I think social media has impacted on my life in positive ways. One good thing is I can ask or hear other people’s ideas and thoughts (that is, social media is a good public sphere for me to know public opinions although such a public sphere can be misused by a certain group of people to control or manipulate true public opinions in the technology-oriented society.).
  • Enable frequent contact with family in other parts of the country
  • I use LinkedIn for business connections – but try to keep Facebook for friends. I think there can be too much crossover sometimes.
  • For the good: reconnecting and expanding connection – excellent for networking For the bad: creates more time management issues
  • We are trying to come up with better ways to help the business and I know part of that is we are not sure how to operate twitter to its full capacity
  • I am able to stay more connected and match a face with a name.
  • It has made it easier to stay in touch with people
  • Hmmm… I’d say it’s kept me up later and on the computer longer (bad)… However, it has kept me in consistent contact with friends that I don’t see often (out of state/country) as well as up on current news/events with friends/family/locally. Also has enabled be to research further in areas of interest (mostly food related!)
  • Good. It has enhanced my aspiring expertise.
  • I’ve been able to reconnect with old friends and classmates and re-establish those relationships. I’ve also found new sources of information.
  • It has given me work, and a niche to get into the advertising industry.
  • Keeps me up to date on friends and news.
  • I spend more time on the computer than on other things I should be doing.
  • Good-let’s me communicate to family and friends easier. Bad- I don’t like it when spam pop’s up when i am chatting with friends or writing to them.
  • It’s great more users= more useful information
  • Not sure I can name all the benefits. It’s been life-changing.
  • I am more connected with people, but the quality and depth of the relationships is considerably weaker than the relationships I have outside of social media sites.
  • It’s been great for me, provided amazing business opportunity.
  • Takes a disciplined approach to not let yourself become owned by the technology.
Of course, with anything, it takes discipline, strategy, and clear objectives to put yourself in the drivers seat. With social media essentially becoming such a large part of our lives, I believe it is no different.
  1. How has social media impacted your life?
  2. Do you see yourself in any of these responses?
  3. What trends did you see in reading the responses?
  4. What can you learn, good or bad, from reading these responses?
Social Media is like the ocean current. You best respect it, lest you will get caught in the undertow. How has social media treated you?