(Lake Oswego, Oregon)

If I hadn’t already been a believer, the fact that the MC was wearing a Crazy 8’s shirt would have told me everything I needed to know about that which I was about to experience… Con Bro Chill.

After it was all said and done, I would sum it up with a question..

What happens when quality meets crazy?

This brother duo of Connor and Sam Martin along with friends is the real deal. It’s like watching all the antics and fun of a Family Force 5 show mixed with the serious side of a Coldplay.

Let’s be honest, any set that mixes both Axel F from the Beverly Hills Cop soundtrack and Comfortably Numb by Pink Floyd and yet in this… make it work, takes the listener from parody to an experience in a seamless manner that many could only dream of pulling off.

Sam, who is currently a songwriter for Atlantic, is a master at his craft of making music. This coupled with his Pro LaCrosse playing brother Connor, is simply a joy to watch. Of course, they are also surrounded by some talented players and two background singing dancing actors that makes this whole experience one not soon to forget.

All of this is what makes Con and his Bro and friends Chill, work.

If I were a big time booking agent, I would sign these guys in a heartbeat.

From the multiple costume changes and on and off stage antics, out of all the shows I hope to see this summer, this will be one I am glad I did not miss.

From Con Bro Chill classics like Arena, Come to My Party, and Respect your Partner to epic SAMM songs like We Are All the Same and I Don’t Know, these mashups of songs is a match made in heaven.

When the group launched into Axel F, Connor started with a classic statement that will go down my book as a finalist for quote of the summer…

“There’s been a lot of talk about this blockbuster… Beverly Hills Cop, starring Eddie Murphy.”

This, for a movie that came out, what… a hundred years ago? Beauty!

Especially when it follows an amazing version of Comfortably Numb where Sam nails the guitar work of David Gilmore spot on which wowed the crowd in a completely different way than earlier songs.

All in all, this was an experience like that of riding a roller coaster. You know, the kind that as soon as you get off, you race back to the start of the line to ride it again, and again, and again.

I hope these guys get to play more and get to play in front of many more people. If this was any indication, I believe that is a high probability.