I love talking about Twitter. Matter of fact, when I do, one of the biggest questions I still get is… what is Twitter? …which then precedes the… I don’t get it statement.

With this, I decided recently to conduct a survey on social media. In the survey, I asked the question…

From your perspective, describe Twitter.

Before I list for you how people described it, let me tell you some brief and basic stats on the people who took the survey…

  • Male – 41.3%
  • Female – 56.5%
  • Percent of those who took survey that use Twitter: 64.1%
  • Age range of those who took survey: 18-56 and above (25-45 was average age range)

So, how did they describe Twitter? (in long list format)

  • a quick, simple form of keeping people abreast of your life and opinions
  • Short updates. Quick feed.
  • It’s like having a thousand people searching out the most interesting content for me.
  • A never ending conversation and an information hub. Sometimes I’ll go to Twitter before I go to Google for answers.
  • Like a big room with several conversations going on. Sometimes you can join. Sometimes you tell a joke or make a related comment, trying to break in, and just like at a party it sometimes bombs. But it’s fun and a nice way to stay informed and connected.
  • A conversation – a series of life’s headlines
  • broadcasting, announcements
  • Twitter is a good way to keep tabs on the news and could be great for advertising.
  • In many ways similar to facebook w/ out all the games & blogs, etc…. A place to write a short post (tweet) about what’s going on.
  • Twitter is a social networking and microblogging service that allows you answer the question, “What are you doing?” by sending short text messages 140 characters in length, called “tweets”, to your friends, or “followers.”
  • A digital social arena where people and businesses can communicate and stay updated on the people and topics that interest them.
  • Im not a fan because it is too limited in its applications. To me its a status update website.
  • Difficult to “understand” at first. Quick quips about nothing or something. Fast media, formally or informally.
  • It’s an egocentric format where you try and relay opinions and information in a very brief way.
  • its a look into the minds of people and places.
  • People that are obsessed with others following each other
  • A more broad based type of social media, a place to share ideas.
  • annoying
  • Genuine, real time updates from some of the individuals I respect most
  • I mostly use it for people I need info from (school supt., for example…or close friends) since I can received updates on my phone. I seldom just look at it.
  • A great way to connect with anyone
  • I don’t like it, I prefer to be able to read more than a little 1 line text message.
  • a short sentence to update on someones current status or whereabout’s or thoughts
  • proof of life
  • A waste of time. I have a twitter account, have used it, but don’t visit it on a daily basis, cause I don’t get the point and usefulness.
  • Have no idea.
  • Short flashes of news content
  • A place to connect quickly with people i’m interested in sharing information and laughs with.
  • Micro-blog Fun — but I don’t use it much anymore; mostly due to lack of time.
  • It’s a site where people can let other people know big/ important things through a cell phone without needing to know the person. ( mainly celebs and bands)
  • Too much information – I don’t need that much input all the time.
  • Love Twitter – a great information sharing tool and way to build my brand and credibility.
  • A tool to create a community for those with a common interest.
  • Great tool to stay in the loop with friends, family, and other people you are interested in staying up to date with. Short updates sent directly to my phone that often end up being conversation starters or a way to lead me to more information.
  • Annoying for the most part, but great for getting news.
  • I know nothing about it.
  • Post what you are doing – you can follow people and they can follow you.
  • An online community where ideas, information, and news is shared in real time.
  • say a lot few words. Dumb.
  • Internet and Network Marketers shotgunning scams, people building authority by posting quotes, young folks cursing and using twitter as a mass texting device…
  • It is a great useful tool for advertising in 140characters & getting your product/music/movies/Gunnars linked up w/people that are interested
  • I am not into Twitter so much…i do have an account
  • It’s the easiest way for me to share my life, opinions and thoughts
  • Not connected with it enough to describe
  • Short n’ sweet.
  • Dont use it. I dont like the idea of communicating in 140 character bites
  • More interactive than FB, less capacity for things than FB but preferred for actual conversations.
  • A dialogue in 140 character bits.
  • Short and sometimes a waste of my time to read who I follow.
  • Platform for information sharing in real time on a global level, there’s nothing else like it. If I had to choose only one social media application is would be Twitter.
  • online billboard online news ticker online coffee shop
  • great way to quickly note an observance, pass on news info, or voice a gripe/complaint
  • SMS Facebook.
  • A quick way to share information and keep update with out the clutter of other things.
  • Follow others and read their tweets. Also to post thoughts
  • Shout out
  • I embrace it as the dialect of the age, but I am troubled by it spiritually. It gives the appearance of connectivity with none of the mess and I don’t know if that”s a good thing. Not to mention, not everyone needs to know every thought I or you have
  • A way I can express myself in 160 characters (which is not enough so I just stick with FB)
  • A good place to promote my online work through sharing sales or new products. Otherwise, I occasionally find out about friends or family daily activities.
  • twitter is a great place to find and follow many different kinds of people and professionals quickly. I find what the people I follow retweet to be very interesting, telling and educational.
  • A Social Media tool which facilitates the rapid and timely exchange of ideas, information, and musings.
  • strategic communications tool, deliberate method of getting message out, creative way to keep message within 140 characters, lots of potential when twitter is mastered
  • It’s like having the ability to text literally anyone you wanted. It’s a way to cut the excess and get straight to the point.
  • I will use Twitter sometime. Right now, I do not use it.
  • One-liners to those who choose to follow
  • Constant updates. Brain overload.
  • texting on steroids
  • I think twitter is great for breaking news events and I see other use it as an effective business tool.
  • A popularity contest
  • short reports on events/news throughout the day.
  • A great way to learn and share information.
  • A quick note to communicate an idea and hopefully find links to larger pieces of information.
  • It is the most amazing networking tool ever. Without it, I would have to network with professionals the old fashioned way, and it would be a lot harder.
  • Short bursts of thought or info and pictures/video meant to inform, entertain and/or engage.
  • It’s a backyard BBQ with Planet Earth.
  • A quick and impersonal way of sharing things with others and learning about others.
  • It’s the best! Amazing for news plus it gives you an opportunities relationships online & then engage & cultivate them offline.
  • conversational
  • What do you say Twitter is? 
  • Which of these descriptions best describe Twitter?
  • Spread the love by feeling free to retweet or share… Thanks.
Here’s the Mindset of How and Why I use Twitter

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