My good friend at the Union Gospel Mission, Dave Johnson, has been coordinating their Friday morning breakfast for the homeless. Dave, or… Big Dave as he is more commonly known, is a recent graduate of the Lifechange program at UGM. (Watch his story below)

On Friday mornings, Big Dave and the team down at UGM serve on average 150-160 meals. (This just in: UGM served 187 meals on 1/20/11)

I recently spoke with Dave about the cost for continuing such an incredible outreach and was stunned at how much they can get out of such little investment.

On average, total cost per plate comes to just .93.

So, in essence, to feed 150-160 people each Friday morning costs just that… $150.00!!

That is incredible!

Recently, as the economy has been on what seems to be a non stop downward spiral, Oregon remains amongst the highest of unemployment rates across the nation.

The results of this have made themselves known at the mission in two distinct ways…

Demand is up, while giving is down.

Matter of fact, from August 2009 to August 2010, the demand rose 62%, while donations were down 12%.

Along with high unemployment, Oregon has also ranked within the top five hungriest states in the nation with about 13.9% of households suffering food insecurity.

Simply put, the line up of folks needing a warm meal has increased to people who never thought they would find themselves in that line. Of course, who really does? Many are down to a sofa in an empty apartment after losing their jobs over the past few years and hanging on to every last thing they own.

In this, the recent economic problems have plagued all people from all backgrounds. It has been no respecter of previous accomplishment.

With this, it is all the more reason to help offer these meals as well as the other incredible support to the community that Union Gospel Mission offers.

In this, the need is simply not just a November through December thing. Sadly, it is a year round thing.

For $150, you can provide 150-160 meals on a Friday morning. Essentially, that’s a dollar for change.

Currently, Big Dave is looking to partner with someone like you or your business/place of worship/group of friends to help sponsor these meals. In this, you may consider sponsoring one Friday per month for the entire year or maybe just sponsoring one Friday all together. For $150, that’s a lot of change!

As Big Dave both partners with local businesses and people like you, together, you can both make a difference in the lives of many throughout the entire year.

And who knows, it might just be that one meal that changes one life in saying… no matter where you come from or how you got here… You matter. You are valued.

Please help by sharing this note to your friends and community. Perhaps in that, someone might step up and say… I’m in. I’ll take a Friday.

Together… we can take a dollar and make change.

If you are interested in sponsoring a Friday, please contact Big Dave at:


(503)274-4483 x518

Who is Big Dave?