What is the best way to prevent human trafficking into the United States?

This was an open question I came across recently at quora.com. It seemed odd that it had been posted several months previous to me coming across it, but yet was unanswered. So, I thought I would give my initial thoughts to such a complex issue.

The person asking the question also added this point to further explain the question…

“into” as in people who are duped into coming to the United States for jobs that don’t match what they were promised? Or “in” as in how do we prevent it from happening to Americans already in the United States?  I ask because I believe the approach is different for each category.

My response to: “Or “in” as in how do we prevent it from happening to Americans already in the United States?”

This is such a HUGE question. Where do you start as there are so many entry points into this tragic discussion. It seems a collective effort must take root between various focal points to help deter the demand. For one, I love the focus of www.SCTNow.org as they hire elite operatives who previously fought the war on terror, but now are focusing their experience on the war against trafficking. Here, they go after the demand by collecting evidence on the predators and then turning it over to the local police force for action.

With your question being on the preventative side, I will stay there. However, there is huge need within legislative efforts to ensure the proper laws are on the books and that we have the resources to enforce them. Of course, there is also the dire need for safe houses. With what, only 100 across the entire Nation, this does not even begin to address the need. Also, throw in the need for highly trained counselors to work with those who have been rescued and you have a lot of work that needs to get done.

But with regards to the preventative side focus on this issue, I am also a believer in the impact that the fatherless generation has had on on our population. In this, there is huge need for mentoring.

One organization doing this is: (www.thementoringproject.org)

With awareness, education, and proper funding, much can be done to curb this awful tragedy that no longer is happening across the ocean, but now too, on our shores.

With regards to trafficking into the States… the demand is here, how can we stop the demand? How do we ensure legislatively from a federal level both laws are on the books as well as the proper resources to enforce them. It is sad to say in putting it this way, but, it is supply and demand. How can we stop the flow of supply while curbing the demand by finding the predators and giving them severe penalties?

A great resource to better understand the legislative side, check out: www.polarisproject.org

Another great site for information are my friends over at Oregon OATH.

You can also subscribe to a daily update of Human Trafficking in the news through the various links shared by organizations fighting to stop trafficking by clicking here.

In the end, there are so many entry points into this complex issue. My recommendation is to:

A. Get educated

B. Find your calling within the issue

C. Engage the dialogue

D. Find an organization that meets your calling and get active

E. Share what you learn with others