I work a lot within the world of social media. With this, and as I have been afforded opportunities to speak with various age groups on the mindset of social media, I have come to a place as a parent that I need to pause and reflect my own social media practices.

With all of this new technology, I believe we have gone 0-60 overnight with how we use social media. In this, we have allowed the pendulum to abruptly swing to a place that perhaps throws all caution to the wind with regards to the impact it has made in how we both live as well as communicate.

I believe it is time to reign it in and bring balance to the equation. The generation that we are bringing up will be the first generation that only knows life with social media. We at least have the benefit of knowing life before social media.

In this, I believe it is critical that we reflect to this next generation a sound, disciplined, and responsible approach to social media.

With this, we do need to embrace it, understand it, and utilize it. But, we cannot allow ourselves to be owned by it.

As I move forward and continue to work with people, organizations, brands, and causes with the strategy of social media use, I also feel compelled to help bridge the gap between the generations. For both generations has a lot it can teach each other. We realize that, but how do we communicate that?

For we are the in-between generation and with this comes a responsibility to instill in this next generation that which will lead them to have respect for the the current of this new media.

Social Media is like the ocean current. You best respect it, lest you will get caught in the undertow.

The last several blogs I have written on social media have covered what I have learned this past year in using it, what I have learned while leading a recent workshop for 75 high school students, and now what I am convicted of as a parent that is using it.

With this, I would be most appreciative if you would consider a few things to help me spread this message posting one of these blogs on your Facebook wall, or by Tweeting it to your followers. Of course, what good is a blog if we can’t also discuss the topic either? So, please feel free to opine.

Social Media Parenting: Teaching Balance

Social Media: Between Two Generations

Thanks for taking a moment to read this and consider your role within this digital revolution.